Windfeather is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past SplashClan, Kittypet
Given Kit: Windkit

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Windpaw
Medicine Cat: Windfeather
Kittypet: Fir

Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut SplashClan/Roleplay/Archive 3
Last Post Unknown
Father Willowfeather
Mother Jadestar
Siblings Diamondlight, Scorchnose, Stoatflight
Mate None
Kits None
Medicine Cat Position
Predecessor Fernwhisker
Successor Daisyclaw
Owner Raven

Windfeather is said to be a tall, lean she-cat with a slim body. She has no noticably defined muscles, due to her position as medicine cat. She has thin, hardly seen white whiskers. Her muzzle is longer than most cats, making her look slightly like a Russian Blue, though she is a crossbred cat.
Her base pelt color is a light solid grey, which is slightly blue-looking in the sunlight. Her eyes are a pretty and sparkly deep blue.



Physically, Windfeather was very well-off. She was a healthy she-cat, and never struggled with weight problems. She was always thin, but it was simply due to her high metabolism.
Mentally, Windfeather had almost no problems other than the perfectly normal anxieties and weaknesses. She had a phobia of crowds when she was alive, which is called Enochlophobia.


Windfeather is a very sweet and caring cat, which led to her becoming a medicine cat. She always strives to try and help cats that are sick or hurt, even if they tend to be ungrateful or rude.
Windfeather is an absolute pacifist. Battles irritate and disgust her. She believes that if both parties would sit and talk, battles could be avoided. She understands that cats like Thunderstar would not calmly handle conversation, but she still tends to avoid fighting and convince leaders that skirmishes are avoidable.


Windfeather is first shown being born to Jadefur and Willowfeather, along with her siblings Diamondkit, Scorchkit, and Stoatkit. She thinks about opening her eyes, but then thinks that she would when sh was ready. Windkit is later seen opening her eyes. They are a warm blue color, and since her eyes are open she plays with Singedkit and Emberkit. It is revealed she wants to be a medicine cat, and so does Runningkit.
She is apprenticed to the medicine cat, Fernwhisker. Then she does some minor mca apprentice stuff. Later, she gets the name Windfeather, for her plumy feather-like tail. She goes out to collect herbs with her brother, Scorchnose.
Eventually, Windfeather earns her full name. When Fernwhisker dies, she becomes the medicine cat of SplashClan.
She gets captured by twolegs and spayed, then every SplashClan cat goes  to look for her. She is kept as a kittypet, and her name is changed to Fir. She despises the care of the Twolegs, but deals with it, and eventually escapes them.
Eventually, after many years of loyal service as a medicine cat, she dies by being stung to death by bees.




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  • Windfeather is homosexual.

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