Applewhisker glanced over to the young black warrior, secretly grateful that he gave her an excuse to do something. Rising to her paws to appear more responsible, she cleared her throat to respond. "Yes, actually, thank you for asking." Glancing over, she caught sight of the gray pelt of Orchidbloom. "Take Orchidbloom and a warrior of your choice on a border patrol."

Why was she looking at him so much? Webshadow slowed his pace to think it through, only to shake his head and press on. No need to go on with pointless questions, probably had something in his fur. "Wonder how SummerClan cats would react if they ever dragged themselves up here."Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 03:36, February 14, 2018 (UTC)

The black pelted leader seemed nervous, well more so around the tabby warrior. It wasn't just the fact that he seemed more focused on commenting about the SummerClan cats, well it was that maybe Antstar was attracted to him. Was that possible? She gave her pelt a shake, clearing it of snowflakes.

Icestorm strode into camp, the blue-point had been out for a walk with nothing to do. It gave him a chance to just observe things. He sat down at the edge of camp, his gaze directed towards the new deputy, Applewhisker. After a few minutes of watching her he quickly averted his gaze, pretending to pick at a knot in his thick pelt. {{SUBST:Minkclaw/Sig}} 03:52, February 14, 2018 (UTC)

"Can I go?" Heathernose leaped to his paws when he overheard Applewhisker say 'take a warrior of your choice'. He remembered his hurt paw and tried to hide, but Creekfrost had already noticed it. "Maybe you should go to the medicine to get your paw looked at first." Heathernose flicked his tail, turning away and muttering something about birds, while Creekfrost nodded to Applewhisker. "All right, thanks," but inwardly he felt annoyed. Of all cats, why did he have to patrol with Orchidbloom? He blinked at Applewhisker. "If you aren't too busy, you could join us." ~Patchfeather~ 05:18, February 15, 2018 (UTC)