The sunset with each minute that passed, casting a golden-red glow over the frozen camp of WinterClan. Everything was silent except for the pained yowls of a queen giving birth. The camp held a dreary fog over it, everyone knew that the queen was already weak from the hours of labor. Antstar stood off to the side, head bowed as she murmured with Goosepaw, the apprentice to the medicine cat. His words didn't hold hope but a great sadness. "She's weak as it is and she's only given birth to two at the moment. "Its not positive yet, if she'll make it." The young tom was saying. It seemed as though hours passed before Poppyleaf emerged with a dark look on her face. "Four kittens have survived but Cherrywhisker didn't make it." She bowed her head to Antstar before she motioned for Goosepaw to follow her. But I am the Chosen One 20:38, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderclaw had been resting in camp, sharing tongue with her mother in the setting sun. She had noticed the sombre mood around camp and when she saw the leader, Antstar, talking quietly with Goosepaw, she had started to put two and two together. However, it wasn't her place so she stayed with her mother until something was said by Antstar herself. I suppose Cherrywhisker didn't survive her kitting, such sad news. (oh by the way mink, might i have one of cherry's kiddos?) #chicks =trouble 20:59 Tue Jan 9 2018

Antstar gave a final nod. She'd name the deputy soon, she had the duty of letting Flightcloud and Whimbrelface know of their loss. The leader headed off, first to Whimbrelface. Cherrywhisker's brother. "Whimbrelface," the leader greeted the quiet warrior. He had a slight look of anxiety and fear upon his face. "A-Antstar?" He dipped his head politely. "I have grave news, do sit down." The leader went on to tell the pale tom the news of Cherrywhisker's loss. He was quiet for several heartbeats before a grief-stricken yowl left his mouth and he covered his snout with his paws. (go for it man, I'm leaving two open for Patch since they essentially own the father) But I am the Chosen One 21:06, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderclaw still watched as the leader walked around camp, walking up to Cherrywhisker's kin. The black warrior blinked slowly - namely because her mother was still cleaning her coat. Nightflower had observed the same details as her daughter, but, she knew it was painful to lose someone. (coolio m'dude - i'll make a page asap) #chicks =trouble 21:11 Tue Jan 9 2018

Antstar let Whimbrelface grieve before she helped him to the nursery. "If you'll excuse, I must name another deputy. I really am sorry for your loss, Whimbrelface." The leader turned and headed to the center of camp before she called forth the Clan. "As you all know, Cherrywhisker has passed and at such a young age. As Clan rules state a new deputy must be named. I say this before Cherrywhisker and StarClan themselves. The new deputy of WinterClan will be Applewhisker." But I am the Chosen One 21:33, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

As Antstar called the meeting, both Spiderclaw and her mother moved closer to hear the leader's announcement. Spiderclaw's eyes narrowed as Antstar named the new deputy. "What," her statement was harsh and honestly sounded as though it shouldn't have been said out loud. The black warrior stood up from her spot, she felt her mother shift uncomfortably before Nightflower whispered, "dear, you can't do anything. Antstar's word is law," the older queen said. Spiderclaw looked at her mother, but, didn't change the way she stood - her tail was held high and it was clear she was challenging Antstar's decision. #chicks =trouble 21:39 Tue Jan 9 2018

"Do you have a problem with my choice then Spiderclaw?" The black leader turned her amber gaze on the warrior. "If you don't agree with my choice, the door's right there." She used her tail to point to the exit from camp. But I am the Chosen One 21:44, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

"I do have a problem with your choice Antstar," Spiderclaw responded calmly, keeping a steady eye with the leader. "But, why should I leave WinterClan when I am more of a warrior than anyone else here? Especially the former kittypet you've just named as deputy?" The large cat lashed her tail towards the end of her statement. Like hell she was leaving, she was a born and bred WinterClan warrior who fought to earn her rank of senior warrior. "I'm a senior warrior of WinterClan, I've fought more battles than anyone else here, and you still expect me to walk out of here with these kind words," Spiderclaw challenged.

Nightflower watched in slight horror as her daughter challenged the leader. Oh my dear, please don't say anything you'll regret, the old queen thought as she watched her daughter. #chicks =trouble 21:49 Tue Jan 9 2018

"If that was so, then you would have been picked as deputy however, being picked as deputy does not matter on how old you are, what your lineage is, or how many battles you've fought. I picked Applewhisker as deputy because she possesses the traits of a leader, you do not. Simple as that." Antstar said, a snarl appearing on her dark face. But I am the Chosen One 21:53, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderclaw growled as the leader spoke. "I am more of a leader than you'll ever be," she challenged. "I-"

She was abruptly cut off by her brother who had entered camp suddenly after a hunting trip. "Spiderclaw! What are you doing? You think you deserve the rank of deputy after challenging our leader and then insulting the newly named deputy too?" The tabby tom spoke calmly as he faced his sister. He cast a glance at his mother before continuing - this time he didn't seem to realise what he was saying. "A true leader knows mercy and I remember that night, Spiderclaw. That night where you met our father, Spiderface, the AutumnClan warrior. Without so much a second glance you snapped his neck," the large warrior watched as his sister lowered her challenging stance and as the rest of WinterClan turned to stare at the family. It was then he had realised what he'd done.

Spiderclaw let the shock settle in before letting out a harsh growl. "He deserved it, Pheasantcloud! Just like I deserve to be a leader, I got justice for my mother, our mother, for what the disgusting, pathetic excuse of a warrior did to her." The last bit was directed around camp as she justified the murder of her father to WinterClan. She returned her dark stare back at Antstar. #chicks =trouble 22:03 Tue Jan 9 2018

Antstar gave her a justified glance. "A leader doesn't kill out of cold blood. When your a leader, your personal feelings don't come first, the Clan does. You, Spiderclaw, will never be a leader." She swished her tail. "I hereby exile you from WinterClan for the murder of Spiderface. Step inside my territory again and I will not hesitate to end your life." She said coldly, not a single glance around the Clan, her gaze stayed on the warrior. But I am the Chosen One 22:08, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderclaw stood still without so much a glance backwards at her mother or brother. "Fine," she said as she kept her dark glare on Antstar. The she-cat started walking out of camp without a word, but, she stopped in front of her mother. "Mo-"

"No, Spiderclaw. You can't say anything to me that will make me forgive you for what you did," Nightflower said softly, choking back tears. The smaller, lean warrior walked away to the warrior's den. Spiderclaw looked at her brother without a word, just a simple shake of her head and that was that. She was gone, no longer a warrior of WinterClan, but, a rogue bent on revenge for her pride that was absolutely crushed that day. They will see me as a leader, one way or another. #chicks =trouble 22:17 Tue Jan 9 2018

Antstar stood silent on her perch, refusing to step down. Her amber eyes shone with anger, the amber within them blazing. After several moments she decided to leap down, she barely gave Pheasantcloud a glance as she passed him and headed towards her own den, her tail lashing angrily behind her. But I am the Chosen One 22:30, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

Pheasantcloud watched the leader before turning back to watch his mother walk into the warrior's den. He started to follow her but his mate, Ivytail returned to camp with their prey so he walked up to her. The two greeted each other with a soft nuzzle before the tabby tom proceeded to recap everything that had just happened. Ivytail listened in shock, "Is your mother alright? I think we should at least see if she needs someone to sit with her," the silver tabby suggested. Pheasantcloud agreed and the pair entered the warrior's den silently and sat with Nightflower.

The only words the old queen stated were, "I'm going to talk with Antstar, you guys need to rest. It's been a long day," and with that Nightflower left and made her way to the leader's den. "Antstar, it's Nightflower. Can I talk with you?" The senior warrior called softly - she sounded so defeated that it really showed just how old she had become. #chicks =trouble 22:44 Tue Jan 9 2018

Flightcloud sat just outside the nursery, head bowed and eyes closed. Grief swelled his heart as he thought of Cherrywhisker. He'd never see her again. Why did you have to go? ~Patchfeather~ 23:02, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar lifted her head, she faced the back wall with her back to the entrance. Her tail was curled around her paws, flicking in an irritated manor. "Of course, do enter, Nightflower." The leader said, not turning to face her.

Owlstorm sat off to the side of camp, scowling. Her gaze flicking to her sister, Ivytail, and her mate, Pheasantcloud. She glares briefly before she gets up and moves swiftly to the exit with a swish of her tail. But I am the Chosen One 23:03, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

Nightflower slowly entered Antstar's den. The old warrior was nervous. "Antstar, I wish to retire to the elder's den. I feel as though after today's events, it would be better if I did so." The senior warrior wasn't sure what she could say to the leader for she knew what her daughter had done was unforgivable and she hoped her son wouldn't deal with any repercussions.

Ivytail was comforting Pheasantcloud with soft licks across his head when she noticed her sister scowling at her. What's her problem now? Can her petty quarrel with us wait a day or so? The silver tabby waved her sister over though, in hopes that they could at least talk. It would do Pheasantcloud some good she thought. #chicks =trouble 03:05 Wed Jan 10 2018

Antstar gave a sigh. "Of course, Nightflower. I'll let all of this settle down. I'm not even sure Applewhisker had the chance to accept being named deputy after all of this." The leader said bitterly.

Owlstorm swished her tail. Rats..they had seen her. She bit her tongur and turned heading towards the pair sharply. Her gaze held a sort of coldness to it. "Hello, Ivytail, Pheasantcloud." The warrior greeted sharply. But I am the Chosen One 08:27, January 10, 2018 (UTC)

Nightflower cast her gaze downwards after nodding thanks. "I know I can't apologise on my daughter's behalf, but, I feel terrible, Antstar for what she did. I don't know what came over her," the old queen said softly.

Ivytail shifted a little closer to her mate, he purred softly in response. The tabby tom sensed her discomfort, but, he made an effort to talk to her sister. "Hi Owlstorm, how's the prey running?" He said with a half-smile. #chicks =trouble 09:01 Wed Jan 10 2018

Antstar shook her head. "I know very well what's come over her. She's thirsty, Nightflower, for power. I fear today won't be the last of it. There are other Clans and some haven't the power we do."

Owlstorm huffed and gave him a disdainful look. "Just fine, you were just outside camp." She replied with another scowl. But I am the Chosen One 10:45, January 10, 2018 (UTC)

"Maybe things would've been different if I hadn't of done what I did those years ago," Nightflower trailed off. She looked back at Antstar, "I do have a single question for you though Antstar. What will come of me and my son? He didn't tell the truth after all these years and I broke to code to have my children. Do we receive a punishment?"

Pheasantcloud was a little taken back by her response. "Yeah, we were out hunting but we noticed the weather was shifting so we came back. Unfortunate timing though," the tabby tom mumbled. He felt terrible for what he said to his sister and that she didn't say anything to him as she left. #chicks =trouble 22:09 Wed Jan 10 2018

Anger burned in Applewhisker's chest, and the urge to pummel Spiderclaw nagged at her like a thorn in the pawpad. To think, she thought of the molly as a friend, a friend! And then to bring up those wretched memories of her foolish adolescence? Unacceptable! All cats had their foolish moments in life, and that so happened to be Applewhisker's moment. She wasn't one for having too big a head on her shoulders, but Applewhisker had proven herself worthy more than anyone else. She abandoned and disowned her own son out of honor for her Clan, dedicated each and every day to tirelessly working away to repay her own sins. And rest? Not even sleeping was a rest for her. She spent the night being taunted by her past, half of the time vital sleep was interrupted by terrorizing nightmare.

"I accept the position with pride, Antstar. And I will prove Spiderclaw wrong, and make her regret such an accusation for her entire life." Applewhisker spat out the words with much more harshness than intended, and dipped her head out of embarrassment for such spice. Clearing her throats, she hoped to better it for herself by directing her attention to the remaints of Spiderclaw's fractured family.

"If I may, Antstar..." The tabby, with a tone much looser and with much less edge, "...I don't think banishment for Pheasantcloud and Nightflower are necessary. It was a dark secret for Pheasantcloud to keep, and maybe he should have shared it, but I understand if he felt threatened by his sister. As for Nightflower-- I too broke the code, when I was much younger than I am now. If you ask me, bearing the secret of murder and the secret taking a mate outside the Clan is tough and haunting enough."Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 22:35, January 10, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar nodded to Applewhisker. "It is not for me to decide your fates, your fate lies in the paws if StarClan. Only they know what your choices have made for yourselves." She told the two cats. "If we may, leaving it in the pasr is best. Only your future choices tell if your loyalty."

Owlstorm rolled her eyes. "Well how shoukd I know. Spiderclaw threw a stupid tantrum, how can she even think if disrespectinf Antstar that way!" But I am the Chosen One 00:36, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Flightcloud heard his kits mewling from the nursery and took a deep breath. He got to his paws and entered. Four kits (idk how many there are..) were nestled in the nest. His heart swelled with emotion and he curled up next to them. ~Patchfeather~ 15:01, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Daisyflower, an older queen, nudged the kittens to her nest. She was giving the Warriors' room to ready Cherrywhisker's body. She had seen Antstar's ceremony for the new deputy and she felt as though the leader had made a wise choice. Despite Applewhisker's past she was a great warrior and proved it as well. "Flightcloud, in here." The queen called to the kittens father. But I am the Chosen One 15:55, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Nightflower nodded her thanks to both cats. "You've helped an old soul in her healing process. Antstar, if I may ask, when might you hold my elder ceremony?" The black queen asked softly.

Pheasantcloud had to stifle a growl as his sister was scorned. "She had her reasons, I can't tell you why she did what she did but, I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk about Spiderclaw that way. She is still blood to me, and blood is family," the tabby tom was sort of seething. Ivytail shuffled closer in reassurance. "We didn't expect you to know where we were, sister. We are grown cats, after all, the silver tabby told her. #chicks =trouble 21:00 Thu Jan 11 2018

Webshadow was uncertain if he should celebrate the promotion of his mother, seeing that they were no longer really 'family'. Although, with a twinge of hope, he wondered if this accomplishment would bring them closer. Maybe Applewhisker would see that she had proved herself worthy to her Clan, potentially resulting in her attempting to reconcile with her son?Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 21:27, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar stood, shaking out her thick pelt. "If all is well, I'll be doing it now." She told the older warrior. "I am sorry for all the trouble, Nightflower. Hopefully this will bring you peace now."

Owlstorm shrugged. "I could care less where you two wander off, anyone can tell that you'll probably be in the nursery tending to kits before the year is up." She said bitterly. But I am the Chosen One 21:30, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Flightcloud padded over to Daisyflower's nest, peering down at the kits. He wished Cherrywhisker could see them. Despite the terrible events of the day, Flightcloud felt a rush of love for the little kittens. "You'll be taking care of them?" he asked in a quiet voice. ~Patchfeather~ 21:35, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

"Yes, of course. Not much of a choice." She said, a slight glint of amusement in her eyes. "They're in good hands, Flightcloud." The queen told him. "I'm sure they'll have playmates soon, some of the warriors seem to be in the season of love." She said with a chuckle. But I am the Chosen One 21:37, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Nightflower smiled at the leader's last words. "I hope so too, Antstar," and with that she took her leave to await her ceremony.

It was Ivytail's turn to scowl at her sister. "Mind your own business, Owlstorm. What me and Pheasantcloud decide is none of your concern. Who cares if I do have a litter before the next year? What if I was already expecting?" The silver tabby growled at the gray and cream warrior. #chicks =trouble 21:42 Thu Jan 11 2018

Flightcloud didn't pick up on the amusement in the queens voice, and nodded with a blank expression. He looked back to his kits, sitting down beside the nest. What would be good names for them? Maybe I should wait until their eyes open. I could name one Cherrykit, maybe. ~Patchfeather~ 21:47, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar dipped her head once more. "Well hopefully it'll all...die down." The ragged leader headed to exit her den to prepare for the ceremony.

Owlstorm flinched, hurt flashing in her eyes of which she hid quickly. "Good luck with that." She mumbled and turned on her tail quickly heading for the exit.

She shook herhead."I think she'd want you to name them for them. This one here, her fur is like fire." But I am the Chosen One 21:49, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Applewhisker felt a pang of envy as she overheart Pheasantcloud and Ivytail discussing kittens in defensive tones with Owlstorm. Kittens...if only she could have had planned ones of her own, a litter of WinterClan blood that she could cherish with a mate, and watch grow into suitable WinterClan warriors. The new deputy gritted her teeth and shuffled off to distract her mind by organizing a border patrol, to ensure that Spiderclaw left the territory.Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 21:52, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Flightcloud blinked thoughtfully. "...yes, she can be Firekit. And her twin could be Burnkit..." --- Songpaw sat in the apprentices den entrance, looking out at camp, Cherrywhisker and her kits on her mind. It wasn't fair that they got their mother taken away. She knew how it felt. ~Patchfeather~ 21:58, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar shuffled towards the High Rock, crouching a bit to ensure she made it atop the rock. She embraced the few seconds of air flowing through her fur before she stood tall once more upon the rock. "May all cats gather to hear my words." She yowled, her tiredness was in her voice but she hid it fairly well. "Nightflower, is it your wish to give up the name of a warrior and go to join the elders?"

"It is," She dipped her head, swishing her tail a bit.

"Your Clan honors you and all the service you have given to us. I call upon StarClan to give you many moons of rest." She let the Clan fall silent before she leapt down. She landednot far from Webshadow. "Webshadow," she greeted the tom tiredly.

Daisyflower nodded. "Thosr are lovely names. How about for that one? She's so similiar to her mother." The queen remarked, pointing her tail at the predominantly white ginger tabby kitten. "And the ither she-kit. She's a lovely shade, almost like lichen." But I am the Chosen One 23:05, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

"Lichenkit and Frostkit," Flightcloud decided after a moment. His shoulders sagged and he closed his eyes as a fresh wave of grief washed over him. Firekit squirmed around, trying to shove Burnkit away as he rolled on near her. Burnkit protested with a quiet squeak and decided it would be a good idea to roll onto her. ~Patchfeather~ 00:18, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Daisyflower noddrd and pulled the kittens closer. "You'll get by. It'll be hard but you can do it. Its what she'd want." But I am the Chosen One 00:33, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Wispheart was in the nursery with a kit of her own. She had had four kits, but three died and now only one remained. Her eyes were glassy as she looked up from her nest to Flightcloud, letting her tail tip touch his shoulder reassuringly. "Things will be ok."

Heathernose sat outside the warriors den, fluffing out his cream and white pelt against a chilly breeze. He watched the ceremony, silently approving of Antstar's choice in deputy. Beside him, his friend Thistleleaf let out a sigh. He knew she'd been hoping to be deputy most of her life, so he couldn't blame her for being a little disappointed. "Hey, it's not the end of the world. You're still a great warrior, and if you ask me, that's good enough," he mewed, amusement glittering in his eyes. ~Patchfeather~ 00:49, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Coalkit, Wispheart's only kit and son, stirred next to his mother in an attempt to snuggle closer. Daisyflower cast the new queen a glance before she looked at the smokey black tabby next to her.

Owlstorm stomped from camp, her gaze burning with anger and more hurt than anger. She hated that all of her siblings could have families and she was sruck with the curse that she couldn't. But I am the Chosen One 00:58, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Pinepaw burst out of the apprentices' den, racing over to his mother. "Can we go hunting?" he asked, eagerly. Thistleleaf let out a low groan as Pinepaw playfully swatted her tail. "Fine. Let's go," she got to her paws, waving her tail in farewell to Heathernose. She loved her son, but sometimes she just wanted to sit and do nothing. ~Patchfeather~ 01:13, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Owlstorm scowled when she heard Thistleleaf and her spawn. Ugh....did everyone have to have kids? She thought bitterly before she disappeared from camp, her tail lashing angrily. The hurt was long gone, now in its place was irritation. But I am the Chosen One 01:26, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Thistleleaf noticed her sister leaving camp and quickened her pace to catch up. "Hey, Owlstorm!" she called in greeting. "Mom, stop walking fast. My paws hurt from training, and walking, and cleaning.." Pinepaw complained as he followed. 

Flightcloud blinked gratefully at his sister and Daisyflower. "I should help prepare Cherrywhisker for the... the vigil." Wispheart nodded, gently cuddling closer to Coalkit. Despite her grief over losing her other kits, she felt a strong surge of affection for him and it over powered her sadness. He's my world now. I'll be the best mother I can ever be. ~Patchfeather~ 03:32, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Owlstorm hissed under breath, quickening her pace in hopes to escape the other sister. Three sisters and all of them so happened to either have families or be on their way to it. "Can I help you?" She snapped, with a growl. But I am the Chosen One 03:37, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Thistleleaf rolled her eyes at Owlstorm's growl, still stubbornly following. "Me and Pinepaw are going hunting, and I thought it'd be nice if you joined us," she mewed, while Pinepaw let out a quiet whine. ~Patchfeather~ 03:41, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"I'd rather not." She cast both cats a glare before she surged forward, frantic to escape the sight of all the happy families. But I am the Chosen One 03:43, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"Oh, come on," Thistleleaf urged. What the heck was wrong with Owlstorm? Didn't she want family bonding time? "It'll be fun." Pinepaw began to fall behind. He thought his aunt was kind of scary.

Heathernose watched Thistleleaf and Pinepaw go, wistful. He sometimes wished he had a mate and kits to spend time with. He let out a sigh and padded over to the fresh-kill pile and studied it, mentally noting he should go hunting once he finished eating. ~Patchfeather~ 03:48, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Patrols were out, congratulations received and thanked... now what? Typically Applewhisker would hunt, do something to put herself too good use, but she already sent out the patrols. Hmmm... she wasn't one for relaxation.

"Afternoon," responded Webshadow.Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 03:51, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar kept her gaze on the ground as she picked her way to the exit. "How about a relaxing hunt?" She offered him, half-heartedly. She wasn't sure she could relax until she positively knew that troublesome Spiderclaw was gone.

Owlstorm snarled. "I said I'd rather not. Now bug off." She said, claws unsheathing as she faced her sister. But I am the Chosen One 03:53, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Heathernose picked a mouse and took it to eat in his favorite spot next to the camp entrance. There was always a nice sunny spot there! maybe there was a hunting patrol he could join. He enjoyed group hunting more then being alone and bored. 

"Okay, jeez," Thistleleaf slowed down to a halt, giving her sister a questioning glare. "Did I... do something to upset you? If I did, I'm sorry, but you don't have to threaten me with your claws." She glanced behind her to see Pinepaw sitting off a bit of a distance, alert and ready to help his mother if Owlstorm decided to go nuts and attack. ~Patchfeather~ 04:04, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"Yeah, you breathe." She muttered and turned easily disappearing into the bracken and snow. Her mutters slowly fading. She knew her words and actions had probably hurt Thistleleaf's feelings but Owlstorm's had been hurt since their mother had lied to her about being able to bare kittens. But I am the Chosen One 04:06, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Thistleleaf's pelt bristled as she watched Owlstorm leave. Pinepaw padded over to her, resting his chin on her back. "Mom, why did she look like she wanted to kill us?" Thistleleaf shook her head, more annoyed then anything with her sister. "Who knows. But whatever, she's missing out. Did you want to try tree climbing today?" she asked, although Owlstorm still clung to her mind. Did I hurt her? 

Dancingstorm padded through the undergrowth, sniffing for any prey. Man, he loved his territory! It was was totally the best territory out of all the Clans. He rubbed his face where some she-cat had smacked him earlier. He'd been working on his pick up lines lately, and it didn't work out so good. It was sad, he thought they were so creative. ~Patchfeather~ 04:23, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Owlstorm paced through the bracken and snow, wearing a path straight down to the dead grass and dirt. "How dare she think I should just forgive like that? They don't even know what I've been put through!" She hissed at the bracken. But I am the Chosen One 04:26, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Dancingstorm heard someone hissing nearby and pricked his ears. He caused a lot of angry hissing, but he was sure it wasn't his fault this time. He followed the sound and scented Owlstorm, then spotted her. "Oh, hi!" he mewed. ~Patchfeather~ 04:32, January 12, 2018 (UTC) 

Owlstorm turned on him, swiping her unsheathed paw at him in anger. "Bug off, flea-brain." She growled, pelt fluffed up a bit in irritation. Did everyone have to be so damn peppy? But I am the Chosen One 04:34, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Dancingstorm leaned away from her paw, a concerned look on his face. "Hey, it's okay. I promise I won't try to be annoying." he stayed a few tail-lengths away, in case she decided to try hitting him again. "Are you all right?" ~Patchfeather~ 04:39, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"You're already annoying, bug off." She snapped, baring her teeth viciously. Were all toms this annoying? She hissed at him before she turned stalking away. "None of it is your business." But I am the Chosen One 04:41, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"Oh, come on. I'm trying to be friendly," he meowed, padding after her. "We could at least hunt together. I'm very helpful." ~Patchfeather~ 04:46, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"Yeah, helpful with driving me crazy." She muttered and headed back towards the direction of camp. The least she could do was get this weirdo off of her tail. "Go bug some desperate queen. I'm sure my sisters would enjoy your company." But I am the Chosen One 04:49, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Dancingstorm couldn't help laughing at that. "Why would I bug your sisters when you're right here?" he asked, with a grin on his face. "You're way prettier than them. And smarter." ~Patchfeather~ 04:52, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

She was a bit taken aback by his words but didn't let it show. "Like I said, bug off flea-brain." She replied, she was sure he was probably just some low-life player. She saw the entrance to camp and darted for it, almost frantic to get away from this flirty tom. But I am the Chosen One 04:55, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Dancingstorm halted so he stood in the entrance. "What about later? We could go hunting, or we could just talk. I wasn't joking about what i said. I've always thought you were great." He had to admit, above all the she-cats he had met, he liked Owlstorm the most. Most of his flirts with other she-cats were mostly just for laughs. ~Patchfeather~ 05:00, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Owlstorm olled her eyes. "In your dreams, Romeo." She said, waving her tail in a bit of prissy manor. She hoped he'd give up with getting her out and find someone else to play with. But I am the Chosen One 05:02, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Dancingstorm let out an overdramatic huff, and padded off somewhere to think. He'd win her over, he wouldn't give up till he did it! He already knew he liked her a lot, and he'd show her he was great to, and very likable. He'd find a million flowers in leafbare, just for her! ~Patchfeather~ 05:11, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Owlstorm sighed and made her way into the Warriors' den, praying Ivytail and Pheasatcloud were long gone. Although she knew they were probably resting or close by. She curled up tightly in her nest, her head on her paws. She let her tail curl tightly around her small body. It seemed like everyday was stressful, stressful to remain angry but...she had a right didn't she? She had been given the curse of watching everyone be happy while she was stuck here being bitter. Bitter because her mother had lied and now she got to see what she wanted so bad to happen to her sisters. But I am the Chosen One 05:15, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"I could use some leg-stretching," Webshadow accepted, sending his mother a side-long glance. He wondered if Antstar selected Applewhisker as deputy on purpose, for better or for worse. He had to agree that she was an acceptable candidate, but he still resented her for their 'relationship' complications.

Rather than lay down, or help herself to some fresh kill, Applewhisker decided to pace along the Warrior's den. Hopefully that woud bring fresh thoughts to her mind, and allow her to think of a task she could do.Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 15:35, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar dipped her head and headed towards the exit, anxiety prickling her pelt. She wasn't quite sure what to say. She knew not to speak of his kother, it wasn't knew to anyone that the two had a rocky relationship. But I am the Chosen One 15:59, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"Rough day," Webshadow commented absentmindedly, his gaze darting from snow-covered pine to snow-covered pine. He wondered if Spiderclaw decided to stick around, maybe waiting to ambush oblivious passing warriors. Would she target him, as the son of Applewhisker?

Fennelpaw was happily chattering away to Orchidbloom as the tabby she-cat rest on her side, listening to her apprentice with a twitch of her whiskers in amusement. The tiny apprentice seemed to be in much higher spirits, despite the earlier complications within the Clan.Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 16:49, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"I-..yes in a way. I don't understand how nobody ever knew of what Spiderclaw did. Its horrid, I just wonder why she did it in the first place. He wasn't even in our Clan." She said softly, twitching her ears as she scented the air. Spiderclaw's scent was growing stale. But I am the Chosen One 16:55, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

"I think she did it out of honor for her mother." He responded, removing his eyes from the pines and returning his focus to the horizon. He began to wonder if he would've done the same for Applewhisker. Would he have killed his father for her, if they ever met? Seeing his unstable relationship with his mother, he doubted it.Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 16:58, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar nodded. The memory of her own father briefly flashing into her mind. "I guess we all have our ways of dealing with family troubles." She commented.

Owlstorm turned to her den, well the Warriors' den. Luckily, Pheasantcloud and Ivytail weren't around. But I am the Chosen One 23:56, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

Webshadow made no further comment on the subject, simply marching onward. He tasted the air, hoping for the scent of prey to wash over his tongue, but he found nothing. Just the cold air of WinterClan.

Ah-ha! She could clean the Elder's den. It was an apprentice's duty, but Applewhisker realized that Fennelpaw and her siblings had only recently returned from training. So, it wouldn't hurt if the deputy helped out.Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 17:45, January 13, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar let her thoughts fill a small part of her mind, the question of 'Why had Spiderclaw let the power if killing Spiderface go to her head?'. The ragged-furred leader trod forward, by the tabby warrior's side. She wasn't quite sure why she had been getting the wamr feeling of enjoying the quiet tom's company. Surely, it was simply because he was a respected warrior.

Icestorm didn't sit a moment longer once all the commotion and drama of Antstar and Spiderclaw settled, he felt he needed to get his paws onto something soon, a small duty to do. His glanced up at the new deputy, a good choice. Her mother had been well....a very tough deputy and mentor altogether. But I am the Chosen One 17:51, January 13, 2018 (UTC)

Dancingstorm was busy searching for flowers to win Owlstorm's heart, which was really hard, since it was snowy and everything was pretty much dead. He gave up after what felt like hours, spirits falling. Well, maybe she liked rocks, and even if she didn't, it was the thought that counted, right?

Creekfrost poked his head out of the warriors den, then padded out, yawning. His gaze fell on the apprentices den and he thought it might be fun if he and his kits went hunting. He could show them how to catch squirrels and climb trees. ~Patchfeather~ 19:10, January 13, 2018 (UTC)

Lightningpaw, he had been distancing himself more and more from Creekfrost, sat with Molepaw at the fresh-kill pile. "Isn't it cool? Applewhisker being deputy! I can't wait to go out on a battle training patrol with her!" The young apprenticed exclaimes to his friend.

Nettleclaw, recently having announced that she was expecting a second litter, basked in the last rays of day. The queen hadn't expected to have a second litter but there wasn't much she could do now. She opened her eyes glancing about camp, she had seen Owlstorm enter a while ago, but her other siblings weren't around. But I am the Chosen One 05:49, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

Ivytail and Pheasantcloud had gone for a short leisurely stroll around WinterClan camp. Ivytail had used the privacy with her mate to tell him that she was expecting her first litter. Promptly following that announcement, Pheasantcloud pinned his mate in a loving cuddle full of nuzzles and purrs. After many cuddles and absolutely tooth-rotting name calling, the pair of warriors returned to camp in a good mood. The silver tabby warrior saw her other sister, Nettleclaw sunbaking in the last rays of sunlight.

"Hey, Nettleclaw," Ivytail called to her sister. Pheasantcloud was still all lovey-dovey and was subconsciously hanging very close to his beautiful mate. He was just a happy boy and StarClan knows he needed news like this following the departure of his sister and the retirement of his mother. He whispered quietly to Ivytail, asking if after they could visit his mother to tell her the news. #chicks =trouble 05:57 Sun Jan 14 2018

Nettleclaw perked up at the entrance of Ivytail and Pheasantcloud. The tortoiseshell sitting up awkwardly. "Ivytail," the senior warrior greeted her sister quite cheerfully. But I am the Chosen One 06:01, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

"No need to get up sister, we'll join you if that's okay," Ivytail smiled as she settled down next to her littermate. Pheasantcloud sat opposite the two sisters but watched his mate with doe eyes. What an actual sap. Ivytail curled her tail over her front paws before talking. "So, how's it been dear sister? It feels like moons since we last talked." #chicks =trouble 06:04 Sun Jan 14 2018

"All is well, more so since Addercloud amd I've just learnt we'll be having a second litter soon." The queen spoke softly, her gaze going to her mate across camp. Addercloud was bouncing around playing with Quailpaw and Owlpaw, their first litter. But I am the Chosen One 06:07, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

"By StarClan! Congratulations!" Ivytail nuzzled her sister's cheek. "It seems as though we'll be sharing that nursery again, after all these years. Me and big boy over here are expecting our first litter," Ivytail told her sister. #chicks =trouble 06:09 Sun Jan 14 2018

"That's wonderful! I think now the only one left out of the nursery is Owlstorm." The tortoiseshell queen joked. Although, she hadn't spoken much to Owlstorm she had seen her around camp quite a bit. She wondered when the warrior would choose to settle down. "Nightflower will be pleased, some good news after the drama earlier." She commented. But I am the Chosen One 06:13, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

"Oh by the sky, she nearly had our heads earlier when we were talking about kittens. She doesn't like talking about that stuff," Ivytail explained. That sister of mine, when will she learn to control her temper... The silver tabby nodded in response to Nettleclaw's last comment. "Aye, we were telling her later tonight, and going to stay the night in the elder's den with her. It looks like we're in for a cold night and she's always had..." Ivytail trailed off while looking at her mate. #chicks =trouble 06:18 Sun Jan 14 2018

"She does seem sour on the subject, suppose its because she's not yet found herself a mate. Perhaps she isn't able to carry." The tortoiseshell mused. "That'll do, she's an elder all alone for bow isn't she?" She paused. "Suppose Icestorm finally decided to retire, he's older than dirt and thicker too." But I am the Chosen One 06:23, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

"Who knows what's going on with her sometimes," Ivytail replied. "I have a lot of respect for Nightflower, and part of me wants her with me while I'm carrying this litter. After all, she's a seasoned queen, just look at the goof ball she had to raise," the silver tabby looked over her mate with a loving stare. "But, I suppose some of the older senior warriors should be retiring soon, especially when all these future kits become warriors." #chicks =trouble 06:26 Sun Jan 14 2018

"Oh yes, I doubt we'll be seeing him retire anytime soon if at all. He is after all the founder's son and he's got a high dedication to showing how loyal he is." The tortoiseshell remarked.

Owlstorm sat brooding in the warriors den, the confrontation with both Ivytail and Thistleleaf fresh in her mind. It seemed as though Nettleclaw was avoiding her as though the tortoiseshell knew her secret, or at least one of them. She knew it would be a matter of time until somebody popped out with the truth, Owlstorm had murdered her mother in cold blood. Afterall the queen had lied to her, her whole life. But I am the Chosen One 06:30, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

"He'll definitely become an elder's tale on his own though," Ivytail remarked. She watched as Pheasantcloud got up, he told her he was going to go talk with his mother for a little. The silver tabby looked back at her sister. "I hope my future kits will be the best warriors, just like their father, the new queen joked. #chicks =trouble 07:30 Sun Jan 14 2018

"I've always had the thought of raising kits to be like our father, the way mother use to tell it, before hrr sudden death, he seemed noble and quite the warrior." She said, a soft look entering her gaze

"I wish we could have been able to meet him." Her voice takes on a sad note.

Owlstorm sighs finally, praying that annoying tom was busying himself elsewhere. She moved from the Warriors' den, catching sight of Ivytail and Nettleclaw with a harsh glower. But I am the Chosen One 07:35, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

"Aye, our father was definitely a cat I wished to meet growing up. Mother made him out to be such a great warrior, and likewise. I hope my kits become like him, but, still have a good laugh now and then," Ivytail agreed. "As horrible as it sounds, dear sister, one day we will and he'll have a lot of catching up to do," the silver tabby spoke softly. She caught Owlstorm's glare as the grey and cream warrior moved out of the warrior's den. #chicks =trouble 07:40 Sun Jan 14 2018

"I reckon we will. Say, have you noticed Antstar's been spending quite a bit of company with that Webshadow?" She noted, she had noticed Owlstorm but made no comment on the warrior's glower. But I am the Chosen One 07:44, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

"Indeed I have and I believe we won't be the only ones in the nursery soon," Ivytail joked quietly. "It'll be good for both of them, they need someone to ground each other." #chicks =trouble 07:46 Sun Jan 14 2018

"Agreed, they're both so...serious all the time. I doubt they had the same loving environment we did." She said, her thoughts briefly on how Applewhisker had been treated as a young adolescent. But I am the Chosen One 07:50, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

"This might loosen them up a little. But you're right, I just remember some of the things Applewhisker's mother said while she was growing up, it was horrible if I may comment." Ivytail added. #chicks =trouble 07:55 Sun Jan 14 2018

"Don't get me wrong, Nettlefur and Applewhisker are great warrior's but parentwise, maybe it just wasn't meant to be." She murmured, a small yawn escaping her mouth. "Right, well I best head inside the nursery. The airs getting chilly." The tortoiseshell wueen said.

Antstar moved forward, the silence filling the air. She wasn't too good at making conversation. "It looks as though the worst of the wintry weather is over." She remarks awkwardly. But I am the Chosen One 16:24, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

Applewhisker found herself sneezing out of the blue, which puzzled her. Was she catching a cold? She felt fine all along. Most rumored that a cat would sneeze when someone was talking about them, but she didn't believe in such nonsense. Maybe she sucked up a snowflake on accident, of all the dust in the elder's den was getting to her. She continued nonchalantly with her cleaning, holding her breath to block out the disgusting scents.

"Or so leafbare wants you to think," Webshadow commented with a small shudder. He knew very well that leafbare could toss up unexpected weather, especially after a thaw. It would result in slippery conditions, so hopefully the elders would be more cautious when dragging themselves around camp. The queens, too.Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 18:33, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar gave an agreement nod to his comment. "The weather is a bit shifty, may it be that its testing us." She mused. But I am the Chosen One 18:41, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

"I'm confident WinterClan can pull through." He wasn't so certain about his mother being deputy, but so long as she remained deputy and not leader, Webshadow believed WinterClan would be fine. Perhaps Applewhisker could make a good leader with her unbelievable dedicaiton, but the only issue was whether or not the Clan was willing to follow her. "Or maybe the weather hasn't changed at all, perhaps WinterClan has only grown stronger?"Nyan2Silverstar Nyan 19:03, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

Antstar scented the air. "Perhaps, we have liced in these mountains for a few seasons now." But I am the Chosen One 19:09, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

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