Iciclefrost was sitting under a cliff until a large rock hit her head. She then fell over and died. crys the switch is now on OFF 19:53, August 22, 2013 (UTC)

Fernshade snorted. "It wouldn't matter if he did have an apprentice. The stupid mousebrains don't listen to you anyway." she snarled, hissing at Buzzardpaw with anger and annoyance. Crescentfall narrowed her eyes at Briarpaw. "Wey hey it's time to play" 10:21, August 23, 2013 (UTC)

Shadowclaw laid in the medicine den. He'd been diagnosed with greencough. His fur was in clumps, and his nose was crusted with dried snot. He coughed weakly, his body shaking. The elderly tom didn't know if he'd make it through this.

Mintflower poked her head out of the elder's den. "What 'appened?" She asked. Dreamflight shook her head. "Azurestar died," she replied. Mintflower's eyes widened. "So your father's the new leader? He's too ill to make it to the Mooncave!" she said. Dreamflight frowned. "Didn't you hear? Azurestar named Guppyfin deputy on his dying breaths. She's leader, and she named Waspface her deputy," the tabby explained. Mintflower blinked, surprised, and said, "Guppyfin was a wise choice... And she's made a good decision in Waspface. The only thing wrong with her choice is that he hasn't had an apprentice." nervousbreakdance 15:43, 08/23/2013

Moonfeather trotted up to Visionblur, unaware of Azurestar's death and Guppyfin as leader. "Wanna go hunting?" He told his friend. Visionblur looked up and nodded. "Sure." Moonfeather flicked his tail and looked outside. "Let's go out near the river; I bet there's a lot of prey there, since it's such a warm day." He padded out of the camp, looking back to see if Visionblur was following. "Come on!"

To be truthful, Visionblur did not want to go outside, but knowing that it would deeply hurt his sensitive friend's feelings, he would just have to play along. "Er, okay?" He followed the warrior outside the camp. I wonder where Juniperclaw's been lately...? He thought to himself. "Here we are!" Moonfeather dropped his paw in the cool current. "Come on, Visionblur! Stop thinking and hunt for the clan!" The dark tabby tom looked up and nodded, his green eyes glinting.

He looked around and saw a mouse. Crouching in a hunting position, he pounced at the creature, missing it as it dodged past his claws. "Foxdung!" He cursed under his breath. Moonfeather wasn't doing so well, either. He continuously missed each fish that he attempted to snag with his claws. Visionblur looked around and saw a badger lurking around the stream. Flatteninng his ears, he turned to Moonfeather. "Uh, I have to go somewhere. Be right back!" He quickly dashed away, leaving a confused Moonfeather.

However, the badger noticed, and trampled its way over to Visionblur, who hissed in anger. "Get away!" He screeched, leaping on the predator. The badger struck his head and clamped its jaws over his throat. Visionblur choked as blood dribbled down his wound and slowly trickled out his mouth. Moonfeather leaped onto the badger, his claws unsheathed. The badger turned around and started shaking the warrior off it's back.

Visionblur closed his eyes and stopped struggling, knowing that he was going to die, let it be blood loss or a broken neck. The badger gripped Visionblur tighter until there was the crack of bones. Then, it dropped his body, and finally shook Moonfeather off it's back. The warrior flew over the stream and crashed into a tree trunk. He crumpled to the ground, his body broken and twisted. Knowing that both cats were dead, the badger lumbered off into the forest.

Icykit looked around in fright, unaware that she was in WinterClan territory. She got lost and separated from her family and clan, and had no idea where she was now. She crawled around, shivering. "It's so cold here compared to my clan." She whispered to herself. She heard a trampling behind her, and saw a badger. Screeching in shock and terror, she scrambled against a tree. "Help!" She squeaked out.

Reflectionsky, who was hunting alone, saw the silhouette of a small kit and a badger. She hissed and leaped in front of the predator, and turned to Icykit. "Go, kit! Go through the forest and away from the badger. Now!" At her last word, the badger attacked the warrior, clawing at her belly. Reflectionsky hissed and retaliated, biting it's neck.

Icykit whimpered and nodded at the silver and white she-cat. She dashed away, stumbling over the twigs. At last, she stopped by a camp. She huddled next to the entrance, and closed her eyes, resting for a moment. Then, she crawled into the camp, feeling welcomed by the scent of cats.

Reflectionsky slashed at the badger, and before she had time to dodge, the black and white animal struck her head with it's large paw. She dropped to the earth, and did not move again. crys the switch is now on OFF 00:03, August 24, 2013 (UTC)

Wildheart licked a paw, studying everything around her. Her eyes flashed a few times, and her shoulder blades, which ached from age, kinda judded out from her skinny frame. She licked her still glossy calico fur then sighed lightly. She was always bored these days. Sitting in camp most of the day tended to get boring. Groaning, she got to her paws, stretching quietly, then walked silently to where mid camp was. She didn't know what was going on with the clan anymore, but she noticed Guppyfin on the Highrock and she felt rather confused.

Brambleshadow turned his head from everyone, feeling more and more alone everyday. He found his sights lay on Shootingheart, and he hissed quietly. The she-cat who never talked to him, nor did he ever see her. Growling, he turned his back on her and the speckled brown tom grabbed something from the fresh-kill pile and returned to his den, ignoring everyone as usual. He could sulk by himself, as always, no interaction from his only living relative, Wildheart, or his former mate, Shootingheart. Everyone else was dead in their family, but yet he hated his sister with a burning passion, he would rather have Cloudclaw, or even Moonleaf here, to talk to him about his problems possibly, even his parents! But no, he was stuck with the she-cat that started his issues in the first place!

Winterblaze looked around curiously, beggining to wonder where Icefeather was, or even his son or daughters. Being old and alone didn't make him feel good, he was the type of cat that loved to be around family. Yawning loudly, he dug his claws into the ground and flattened his ears. No one was in sight in the white forest. His tail waving annoyingly, he decided to head back to camp with his very small shrew he managed to catch only with pure luck from StarClan.

Fadingshadow died because he fell into a hole. Frostfall fell into a frozen river and died from drowning and cold. Endingpelt tripped on a root while running for no absolute reason and died because he hit his head too hard.

Fallingheart leaped on a boulder, sitting down gentily and watching the sunset. He was a good natured tom that for some reason loved sunsets. Flicking his ears as he watched the sun disappear behind the clouds, his gaze intensified as he purred in satisfaction. He wouldn't ever tell Lightningcrash of his secret she-cat-like side of him. He was way too proud for that.

Dawnspirit sighed and wondered where her brother, dad, and mom was. She was getting really lonely, and felt like she wanted someone. Of coarse, she was always lonely. All she really thought about was Flintpelt, and how he died before she was even ready to admit her feelings to him. Laying her head down on her brown paws, she mewed miserably and closed her eyes, letting snow fleck her face.

Buzzardpaw looked down, remembering his horrible memory about his sister and him being tooken away from a halk a few moons ago. He remembered him clawing his way out, but never able to get his smaller sister, Wrenkit, out. He knew she died, and he was already lucky to be alive. But it was his fault, as it always was. Ignoring Fernshade because of his bad mood, he walked away and into the Apprentices den to make his new nest.

Briarpaw looked at Cresentfall cheerfully, "Can we go? Maybe? Pwease?" she mewed. She still remembered her sister's death, but she let it fall behind her. She wondered where Ivypaw was, her other sister. She spotted Buzzardpaw and sighed, running to him, "You'll be okay," she mewed, licking her brother's ears. Trotting back to Cresentfall, she flickered her black and white tail and then sat down patiently.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 20:42, August 24, 2013 (UTC)

Elkleap blinked his eyes open, completely rested and ready for the day ahead. He was a young warrior, true, but Elkleap still desired to serve his Clan to the best of his ability. Stretching out his long legs, Elkleap proceeded toward the den exit. He shook out his fur of the clinging moss before emerging from the den. Elkleap took note of the busy cats just now heading out of the main camp- he was a tad late. Deciding that he would hunt later to make up for it, Elkleap began bounding over to the front entrance to go on a walk. --Starry I'll never let you down 12:21, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Crescentfall looked at Briarpaw and sighed. "Alright. But you can't ignore me if you're fighting a fox and you don't know what to do, okay?" she meowed. "Wey hey it's time to play" 14:45, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit heard Guppyfin's call to Highrock, so he made his way over to the front. He spotted Wildheart already sitting down and he shifted his paws, thinking that it probably wasn't wise to sit by her. The couple were one of those old, forgotten couples that have been cast aside. The black tom had never wanted it to come to this, but guiltily, he couldn't help but wonder of this would happen had he chose Irisfrost.

Opalgaze was seated adjacent to her brother. Risingspirit purred, happy to see his kits as happy as ever. Quick on his paws, the former leader ran over to his kin and purred, nuzzling Opalgaze and dipping his head to Fallingheart, knowing the tom would disapprove of him being smothered in front of the Clan. |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 15:36, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Wildheart looked over to where Risingspirit was, then shifted her paws nervously. She should talk to the tom more, but lately, she felt like he deserved better than her. She remembered that one fight they had, and Risingspirit ended up dying. Although, as she kept over thinking things as she usually did, ignoring him wasn't a great thing to do, especially since she loved the tom. Getting up, she went to where Opalgaze, Risingspirit, and Fallingheart were.

Fallingheart dipped his head, mewing lightly to his father. He hated being smothered by his aunt and mother, though he loved them. Seeing Wildheart coming by, he backed off, his blue eyes flashing in the fear of her embarrassing him in front of the clan and his father.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 15:46, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Breezefrost shivered as the cold air swept through her short pelt. Leaf-fall was going to be settling in soon, and shortly aftrwards, leafbare. It was already cold enough as it was in greenleaf, but during those seasons, the weather was particularly harsh.

Eveningshadow grunted as she seated herself near Breezefrost. She was tired of WinterClan. She wanted something exciting to happen, because in her eyes, her life was over-the-top boring. "Why's Guppyfin up there? Really?" Eveningshadow rolled her eyes. Breezefrost twitched her whiskers. "Didn't you hear? Azurestar lost his last life."

Goldenmoon excited the nursery, a loud purr in her throat. She had just visited Firestorm's kits - Goldenmoon's nieces and nephews. Goldenmoon loved spending time with her sister, and helping out with the new kits. Her own had grown up a long time ago, which made her slightly down.

She took her place underneath the High???, (sorry idek what it is) glancing upwards toward Guppyfin. What's she doing up there? Did something happen to Azurestar? I hope not. That would horrible!

Lightningcrash yawned, stretching out each limb and climbing from his den. He noticed Guppyfin calling the meeting, and frowned. Weird. He glanced back and forth throughout the crowd, looking for someone to sit next to. Goldenmoon.

"What's happening?" He asked as he sat down. "No idea." Goldenmoon shrugged. "Azurestar must be sick. That would be unfortunate!" Lightningcrash gave a small groan of annoyance - Goldenmoon's cheery attitude bothered him.

Ravenshadow squealed as she burst out of the warrior's den. "C'mon, don't be so slow!" She hissed to Icefeather, who was ambling along after her daughter on trembling paws. "I'm coming, stop being so impatient!" She snapped. "The whole Clan will be waiting for you to sit down! You're as slow as a tortoise." Ravenshadow lashed her tail.

"Give her some space, Raven." Snowbreeze said darkly, following Icefeather out of the den. "You know, when you get older, you won't be able to run as fast as you do now." Ravenshadow sighed unhappily, darting off into the crowd instead of waiting for her mother to catch up. --MOSS THE ALMIGHTY 16:02, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit noticed Wildheart coming by and stiffened. She's not here for me...she's here for the kits... he thought solemnly. |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 16:42, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Elkleap paused at the camp entrance, blinking as he noticed cats gathering by the Highobject. Retreating to the crowd, Elkleap sat down in silence, avoiding social contact with the massive group. He wrapped his tail neatly over his paws, glancing up moderately to see what was going on. --Starry I'll never let you down 17:42, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Wildheart saw him stiffen and she stiffened as well, He doesn't care, maybe he wants Irisfrost more then me, well, she is a better choice... she thought. Fallingheart was so confused he tipped his head.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 17:50, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit was sick of it, he needed Wildheart. Needed her! He pressed his pelt against and licked her cheek. "Listen Wildheart," he began talking quickly, "I love you and I need you. Let's....let's have more kits!" |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 17:59, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Wildheart was shocked, but her expression was the same, "I love you too, and I really need you as well! I would love more kits!" she mewed. Fallingheart was like O_O.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 18:44, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Opalgaze exchanged glances with Fallingheart and burst into cheers. "YAY!" she mewed. Risingspirit nuzzled Wildheart and licked her cheek. "They'll be amazing. Just look at these two." |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 19:12, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Wildheart purred loudly and nuzzled him back, "These two turned out to be the best in the clan, and don't forget our daughters in StarClan," she mewed. Fallingheart was still like O_O.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 19:24, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Lightningstorm walked slowly out of the Warrior's den, blinking sleepily against the bright morning sun. The silver tortoiseshell had been sleeping all day, and her fur was rumpled from thrashing around in the den during the morning. Glancing into the bright light, she noted that the sun was beginning to set away from the mountain, and much of the camp was exposed to the dying rays. The tall pines left the rocky clearing alone, for the most part, and the well-worn stones didn't feel bad under the sleepy she-cat's paws. Glancing around, she noticed Fallingheart, and walked over to join him. —Leggy 21:27, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Juniperclaw looked around to see Iolitefrost. When their eyes met, she quickly dropped her gaze to hide her burning hatred for him. The two stood near each other, not knowing what to say. Iolitefrost had realized his sister's abhorrence for him some time ago, and since then, he didn't dare come near her, let alone talk. He shuffled his paws. "Hey, uh, wanna go hunting, sis? We haven't for quite a bit..." He trailed off.

The she-cat looked up, her eyes flashing. "What? Why me? Why not your little mate?" She spat out. "Or your kits? Why me, out of all of the cats that you know?" Iolitefrost flinched at her reply. "Does that mean.. no? Look, I haven't really talked to you in a while, and we're siblings..." He chose his words carefully. In truth, the silver tabby tom wanted to apologize for whatever he did wrong to her in the past, and try and mend their relationship. Juniperclaw though for a moment, then nodded curtly. "Fine." She muttered.

Iolitefrost nodded. "Er, let's go to the stream..." He straightened up, trying to think brighter. Juniperclaw sighed and nodded. "Whatever. Let's just get this over with." Her brother flattened his ears, but nodded before padding out of the camp. He looked back to see if his sister was following, and when he saw that she was, he resumed to walking. Juniperclaw slowly trailed along, her head ducked.

Icykit looked around, unknown which clan this was. It was a little chilly for her taste, so she reckoned that it was WinterClan. She trotted up to a cat, which looked like the leader of the clan. "Excuse me..." She squeaked out. "One of your cats led me to this place... She saved me from a badger but I don't know where she is now. I'm sorta lost, and I'm from AutumnClan." She paused for a moment before looking back up. She knew it wouldn't hurt to ask a few questions or two, and she was curious about how the clans outside hers worked. "And... um, will you mind if I ask about the clan?" crys the switch is now on OFF 22:22, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit dipped his hid towards Lightningstorm, acknowledging the she-cat respectfully. He noticed that she and her son were becoming closer and closer and concluded in his mind that she would be the mother of his grandkits one day. Opalgaze on the other paw, had just broken up with her mate, Gemcave, after an unforgettable argument. Risingspirit pressed himself closer to Wildheart thankfully, hoping to never lose her again like he did when he perished. He was very lucky to be back, and he was going to enjoy it. With his son, his daughter, his mate and the new kits they will have together. --|Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 13:15, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

Firepaw stretched his tail in thought. He studied the ground with narrowed eyes, obviously in a world of his own. Did they really abandon me? He thought, narrowing his eyes in what seemed like anger as he pondered his thoughts. He suddenly gasped aloud, popping his own bubble of thought, as he noticed cats turning their heads towards him in confusion. "Ahahaha.." Freeing himself of their baffled gazes, he decided he had been wondering long enough, and not getting anywhere with his thoughts. "Some cat must know how I ended up here.. But I don't know any cats that have been here long enough to have witnessed by arrival and still have the memory." He buried his head in his paws. "Every cat is either really young or really old!"

Fernshade, who happened to be passing him, flicked her tail at him. "I do hope I count as one of the younger ones." she exclaimed jokingly, before walking toward the Warriors' Den. "FERNFEATHER!" Firepaw called. Fernshade twitched her ears. "If you were talking to me, my name is Fernshade." she corrected. Firepaw flattened his ears in embarrassment. He carried on though. "Oh. Well, Fernshade, do you remember me being born? Or how I got here? Or- or anything?" he asked.

Fernshade cocked her head. "You know, I actually have no idea. I'm pretty sure you were made an apprentice late, but that's all I remember. Sorry, little kit.." She trailed off. "Apprentice." It was Firepaw's turn to correct this time. He thought again. Some cat must know... he thought to himself. "Wey hey it's time to play" 19:52, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

Guppyfin looked down, seeing a kit. Cocking her head slightly to the side, she listened to the kit, and nodded slowly. "You're in WinterClan," the tabby meowed softly, flattening her ears. "Do you need an escort home? I can drop you off at camp on my way to the Moonstone."

Lightningstorm gave a small nod to Risingspirit, lifting her tail off the ground in a greeting. The older tabby scared her a little, being raised from the dead and all, but for the most part she chose to ignore those feelings.

Brindlesong walked around camp, wondering what she had eaten. Her belly was a little swollen, and it ached. Squeezing her eyes shut in pain, the tabby-and-white she-cat walked into the medicine den, hoping to catch Beautifulface in there before the medicine cat left with Guppyfin to get the new leader's nine lives. —Leggy 21:22, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

Icykit paused for a moment. Did she really want to return to her home clan? She didn't really know her family there, and she didn't imagine that they would miss her. "Er, can I learn about WinterClan?" She squeaked.

When the two reached the stream, Iolitefrost gazed into the current. "Well... how has it been?" He attempted to start a conversation with his sister. Juniperclaw narrowed her eyes. "What? My life has been so good after the death of my only daughter that I've been planning on taking revenge on who or whatever took her life." She mewed sarcastically. Iolitefrost, taken aback, only nodded. The she-cat went on. "And I've decided, Iolite." Her voice ceased to become dangerously soft. "I'll take it on you."

Before Iolitefrost could acknowledge the meaning, the she-cat pounced, raking her sharp claws down his belly. Iolitefrost widened his eyes, and in self defense, he retaliated with a clumsy swipe to the ear. Juniperclaw hissed and pinned him down. "Not such a good fighter, aren't you?" She whispered in his ear. "I've always wanted to do this, Iolite. After mother and father's death. After we joined WinterClan. Pity that you've just realized how much I hated you, poor thing." She dug her claws in his chest. Iolitefrost choked and desperately raked at her legs. The she-cat narrowed her eyes. "Oh, I'm scared!" She sneered. "Do you know why I changed my name? It's because I wanted to forget it all. To not be reminded of my past every time says my name. Besides, I sounded silly with "tanzanite". What kind of name is that?"

Her claws slowly moved towards the belly, making sure to make every moment painful for her brother. Iolitefrost struggled, staring at his sister with frightened eyes. "Oh, you must be thinking 'but Tanzanite, I'm your brother! You can't hurt me!' But that's incorrect! I can hurt you and I won't feel any regrets!" She giggled hysterically. "Does it hurt? Because I want this to hurt as much as possible!" She continued ripping through his flesh, his fur clogged between her toes. "Tell me. Tell me now!" Juniperclaw dug her claws deeper into his skin, making him wince in pain. Blood quickly streamed down the growing wound.

Iolitefrost looked up, his eyes clouding. "I'm sorry," he choked out. A trickle of red streamed down his mouth. Juniperclaw's eyes flashed. "That's it? After everything, you just say a stupid sorry?" She screeched. She slashed down his belly. "You know, you should be dead by now. How about I end it?" She lifted herself off the tom, who continued lying down, his life slowly flooding out of him. Juniperclaw licked her paws. "I guess I'll just watch you die here." She purred. Iolitefrost took a breath, and with his remaining energy, forced himself up and snapped at his sister's neck. He continued holding her in his jaws until she dropped to the earth, dead. The silver tom then stumbled back before falling down, his last breath leaving his body. crys the switch is now on OFF 21:50, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

Beautifulface delicately put together some travelling herbs for herself and Guppyfin. Although she'd never tell her brother this, she was excited for the new leader. Guppyfin was a well respected warrior around the Clan, and Beautifulface liked her as a cat in general. She thought about all the leaders she had travelled with. Risingstar, Azurestar and now Guppystar. You'd think she'd lived a thousand moons already, but that's all apart in the twists and tragedies of living in WinterClan. It was a sad thing, seeing leaders come and go like the seasons, but she's also got to experience what it's like to be a medicine cat more frequent than the other ones.

After finishing up with the travelling herbs, the small tabby lapped up the daisy, sorrel, chamomile and burnet and waited for Guppyfin to drop by to collect hers. It was an essential thing to have before journeying. Beautifulface swallowed up the herbs, making a slight face as to have being used to the bitter taste when Brindlesong walked in. The brown and white she-cat had her eyes bolted shut, and Beautifulface sensed she was in pain. Eyes calm, but fear bubbling inside her, she motioned Brindlesong to sit on a nest whilst she inspected the she-cat.

Brindlesong pointed to her stomach with her tail tip, and Beautifulface rubbed it ever so gently with her paws. Beautifulface beamed, as she had witnessed this many times before. "Kits," she mewed in a hushed tone, "You're expecting kits, Brindlesong!"

Risingspirit could sense the slight fear coming from Lightningstorm as he curled his tail over his paws. He knew it would be a long while before most get used to the fact that he was given a second chance by the late Kinktail, and he'd just have to accept it. His old friends could, and quite a few others, but he didn't think he'd have a chance at making friends with those who had a fear of him. |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 18:37, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

Fernshade snorted as she saw Risingspirit. "I believe in destinies and prophecies and second chances, Risingspirit. But it's like StarClan wanted you to be a sue." she hissed, walking off. (aaahh my little bitchy Fernshade<333) Happiness is a car from Sainsbury's 18:54, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit chuckled as Fernshade passed by. "Glad to know that some cats remained the same while I was gone," he joked. "See you around!" |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 19:01, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

Fernshade rolled her eyes. "Please! I'll never change. Always gonna be a pain in the tail." Happiness is a car from Sainsbury's 19:07, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

Mintflower padded out of the warrior's den. She stretched her legs and padded into the medicine den to visit Shadowclaw. Sycamorepaw was there, helping Nettleface. Nettleface's stomach was round with kits. The Clan was dismayed that the medicine cat apprentice had gotten pregnant. They blamed it on her. She was determined to raise the kits, but continue being a medicine cat. nervousbreakdance 20:15, 08/27/2013

Wildheart half chuckled to Risingspirit, "She'll always be here, no matter if we want her here or not," she snorted. Even as a kit, Wildheart had never been on good terms with Fernshade, and she knew she'd probably never be on good terms with her. Looking at Lightningstorm, she dipped her head. Of course, as a mother, she'd miss having Fallingheart as a small kit. But, he should have someone too, he can't be a baby warrior anymore. Although, for Opalgaze's break up, she was deeply sorry for her daughter.

Wildheart sighed. After so long, she hadn't realized what she had compared to what she was missing. She had a lot more then she could ever hope for, and her mate never did abandon her. Purring loudly, she buried her nose into Risingspirit's fur. She was pretty much is a way better mood now.

Fallingheart shifted his paws nervously as Lightningstorm came. Although, he quickly got to his feet, "Hi Lightningstorm!" he mewed lightly. His tail flicking happily.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 23:55, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

Birdkit sniffed her way boldly out of the nursery. "Be careful, dear. There might be thorns." Firestorm warned, who was right on her daughter's tail. "So what, ma? Thorns don't stop me!" The tortoiseshell yelled, running into the clearing. Firestorm shook her head - Birdkit was already becoming a defiant pawful.

Breezefrost gave Wildheart a dirty look, lashing her tail. Although she knew her mother wasn't the biggest fan of the other senior warrior, and Breezefrost wasn't that fond of her herself, she was still her daughter.

"Hey! Who're you?" A loud squeak sounded through Breezefrost's ears. She looked down, and noticed a tiny, tortoiseshell scrap of fur scratching at her haunches. Ah, it was Birdkit, Firestorm's kit. She had been born about a quarter of a moon ago, although she already heading on the path to becoming a nuisance. "Oh, Birdkit! What a pleasant surprise." She chuckled sarcastically. "Hey, granny! Where's the fresh-kill pile?"

"Granny? I'm not that old, kit." Breezefrost growled. "And you're still far too young to eat meat. Firestorm's milk is good enough." Birdkit made a face. "Firestorm's milk is getting old. I want something new!" Breezefrost twitched her whiskers, continuing, "Well, you're going to have to wait a few more weeks. Until then, your mother's milk is all you'll get." --MOSS THE ALMIGHTY 00:07, August 28, 2013 (UTC)

Magpiekit looked at Birdkit go and decided not to follow her. She shifted her paws and looked out around WinterClan. This is huge... she thought, being a little afraid. Her sister was already out and about, and she didn't want to be a burden to Birdkit. The black and white she-cat ventured out of the nursery, looking around. There was a heap of dead animals towards the center of camp, which smelled unappealing to her.

Magpiekit realized she was out by her lonesome, and wished that Lionkit had joined her. Shrugging it off, she went to explore. A den came into her view, and she ran into it. Several old cats were asleep while two other ones remained awake, staring at her. Magpiekit gulped, but saw they had friendly eyes so she eased herself. There were two toms awake, a tortoiseshell one and a black and white one. Magpiekit eased herself into the den closer, hoping she wouldn't get scolded. |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 00:22, August 28, 2013 (UTC)

Firepaw sat on his own, pawing the squirrel he had just eaten. The ginger tom wondered if he was formerly a rogue. His fur beginning to prickle in disgust at the idea, he perished the thought. Yawning, he got up and stretched, before heading into the Apprentices' Den. Happiness is a car from Sainsbury's 18:07, August 28, 2013 (UTC)

Breezesky padded out from the warriors' den, her belly heavily rounded with kits. She padded over to the ground in front of the leader's den, catching sight of one of her former apprentices. Elkleap. The grey-brown tabby tom stood below the rock, surveying camp. "Elkleap," she mewed warmly, stepping up to the tom. "How have you been?" —.neha you are my everythingShoonSigImage. 00:12, August 29, 2013 (UTC)

Elkleap blinked at the sound of his name, turning to face Breezesky. He greeted his former mentor with a dip of his head. "I have been well, thank you. You?" He purred. --Starry I'll never let you down 01:07, August 29, 2013 (UTC)

Echoflight padded into camp, a small bird clasped between her jaws. The Somali she-cat padded towards the fresh-kill pile and set it down, taking a moment to look around camp. There were quite a few cats out and about, but she didn't quite feel like going out again, having just hunted. Instead she padded past Breezesky and Elkleap towards the back of camp, where there were only a few cats.

Upon reaching the back the former kittypet settled down. She had accustomed herself to Clan life quite quickly, always loving the outdoors. Though a few cats may not appreciate the she-cat's past, she worked hard to prove herself, and that she could be a true Clan cat, despite her kittypet heritage. Sitting upright Echoflight began to look around camp, observing what the other cat's were doing. Shimmer "Like a moth in the light getting trapped by fixation" 03:16, 08/29/2013

Wildheart looked at the sky, stepping away from her family and started to space out. Sniffing the flowery breeze, she closed her eyes and began to think of everything in her past. As good memories of her childhood struck her, she felt almost overjoyed. She thought of Irisfrost as a kit, when she was crazy, and Fernshade, her sister. She thought of Icefeather, once was just the outcast and now is one of the best Warriors in the clan. She thought of Mintflower, whom was also an outcast with her mother, since they came from AutumnClan, until she earned a respected place within the clan. She thought of Beautifulface and Moonleaf, oh how Moonleaf treated her, until she realized what she did. And Risingspirit... how she loved him since kithood. All she wanted to do was grow up when she was young, and now... she wished she could go back for anything in the world. (oh man this describes me)   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 00:44, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit went after Wildheart, like he used to when they were kits. When she came into his emerald gaze, he had a quick flashback of her as a kit. They had such a lengthy history, and he loved it. Risingspirit knew he made the right choice in picking Wildheart over Irisfrost. He strolled over to her and sat down, startling the tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat as he did. The black tom gave a slight chuckle and placed his tail around Wildheart. "You alright?" he asked, looking at her softly, admiring everything about her. |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 01:16, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Wildheart snorted. She loved when the tom would sneak up on her and almost read her like a book as times. of coarse she was like an open book after all. "I'm just thinking of before, of our little adventures as kits, all of us," she mewed softly.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 01:18, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit licked Wildheart's cheek. "I have been too, for a while now," he confessed, loving his mate more and more by the second. "I cannot wait for our kits," he told her. And it was the truth. |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 02:02, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Wildheart purred louder, "New offspring for the clan with the blood of two amazing cats is really what any clan would need," she mewed, talking about Risingspirit and Beautifulface.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 02:09, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit pressed himself closer to Wildheart. "Me and you? Surely you don't mean that mouse-brained sister of mine?" He chuckled with his mate and looked directly in her eyes. "Are you ready for the kits now, kitten?" |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 02:15, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Wildheart purred, nodding. (epic time skip)   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 02:28, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit purred, licking himself in areas that needed cleaning and stared at Wildheart. He got up and licked his mate on the forehead, his green eyes smiling. "Now wasn't that fun?" he teased, being serious as well. |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 02:30, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Wildheart licked her scarred paw, "Ah, that reminds me of old times," she mused.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 02:40, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Risingspirit entwined his tail with Wildheart's. "Let's go back to camp," he mewed. |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 02:46, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Wickedkit coughed and yelled loudly she wAas drowning--~BlazingRainstar~ 03:10, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

Webspider lay exhausted in the nursery, four kits squirmed at her belly. Most a dark color like her. I know what I'll call them. She thought, moving gently as not to disturb the sleeping kittens, already tired of the mewling and squeaking noises they made.

"Only six more moons." Webspider thought aloud, casting a quick glance to see if Firestorm was paying attention. Raven Chicks = Trouble 23:19 Fri Aug 30

Robinbelly padded into camp after a long walk, she quietly observed her surroundings and padded to a shadowed corner, where she could be alone with her thoughts. ` Ducksplash ` 20:27, September 3, 2013 (UTC)

Guppystar, now in camp as a full leader, looked around. Several of her warriors had been murdered at the last gathering, and many had bite wounds or scratches from the deranged she-cat who had inflicted the pain. With a soft sigh and flattened ears, the ginger tabby climbed up the rocky path onto the highrock. With the turmoil of the deaths and then her appointment as leader, a few ceremonies had been overlooked.

Clearing her throat, the short she-cat began: "All cats gather beneath the highrock for a Clan meeting!" She paused, allowing the cats to assemble, and sat down. "Cricketpaw, Neritepaw, and Sycamorepaw have completed their training. Cricketpaw will now be known as Cricketstep, Neritepaw as Neritetail, and Scycamorepaw as Sycamorewhisker. StarClan welcomes your dedication and strengths, and WinterClan accepts you as full warriors."

The leader waited as the cats in the clearing finished chanting the names of the new warriors, and looked around for a litter of kits. "Azurekit, Pearkit, and Fallowkit have each reached their sixth moon of age, and are ready to become apprentices. Azurekit, you will now be known as Azurepaw, with your mentor being Waspface. Pearkit will be Pearpaw, and your mentor will be Shallowsplash. Finally, Fallowkit will be known as Fallowpaw, and your mentor will be Elkleap."

Watching as the mentors stood and approached the three stunned kits, Guppystar gave a dismissive wave of her tail and climbed down the side of the slope to greet each cat. —Leggy 00:40, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Waspface tried his best to be brave with some the warriors of his clan being attacked. The handsome tabby purred, new apprentices meant new warriors. Hearing, Guppystar call a meeting, he bounded over. The tom-cat glanced at his apprentice and touched noses with her. Alright, Waspface, you got to teach this apprentice all you know, he told himself. Of course, his past mentor was his mother due to a special request by, he didn't like it, but he put up with it. (◔⊖◔)つ h e l l o (talk) 00:55, September 4, 2013 (UTC)Ospreypaw

Robinbelly slowly walked from the corner where she had sat and walked to to Cricketstep, Neritetail, and Sycamorewhisker. "Congratulations," she mewed to the three cats warmly. ` Ducksplash ` 00:57, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Elkleap blinked quietly, before approaching Fallowpaw. He seated himself beside his new apprentice, not sure what to say. --Starry I'll never let you down 00:59, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Firestorm glanced in Webspider's direction. "Hm? Oh." She chuckled. "About five for me. Birdkit's already a pawful, and Magpiekit's gone into the Warrior's Den! And Lionkit..." She nudged the sleeping kitten. "I'm not sure." She waved her tail at Webspider's newborns. "They're beautiful, by the way." (I'm going through a username change so I might not be here all night c: I had a little time before school.) MOSS THE ALMIGHTY 11:32, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Azurepaw touched her nose to Waspface's. "So, what do we do first?" she enquired, eager to learn everything Waspface knew. After all, this cat was the deputy of the Clan, so he was probably one of the most skilled. And now no cats would complain about Waspface's deputyship, since he now had an apprentice. (deputyship? Is that a term? don't think so but ahwell) Happiness is a car from Sainsbury's 11:39, September 4, 2013 (UTC)

Shadowclaw padded out of the medicine den, now fully recovered from greencough. Oddly, he felt young as ever. He felt like he could run to the moon and back, and never be tired. He padded into the warriors den.

Sycamorewhisker looked up. "Shadowclaw!" He purred, nuzzling the tom. "You look... Younger, almost," the new warrior said, tilting his head. Shadowclaw squeezed his eyes shut and let out a long, loud purr. His whiskers twitched and he chuckled. "I feel younger," he said. "How's Azurestar?" he asked.

Sycamorewhisker gulped. "H-he died," the brown tabby meowed. Shadowclaw blinked. "He made you a warrior before he died?" the grey tom asked. Sycamorewhisker shook his head. "Guppystar did."

Shadowclaw's ears flattened. "G-Guppystar?" he asked, eyes wide. "B-But I'm leader! I was deputy!" Shadowclaw protested. Sycamorewhisker sighed. "Shadowclaw, Azurestar made Guppystar his deputy before he died. Waspface is deputy now."

Shadowclaw looked at his paws. "I-I just don't understand. It wasn't like I was going to die. I was only sick!" Shadowclaw whispered. He looked up to Sycamorewhisker. "I'm supposed to be Shadowstar!"

Sycamorewhisker sighed again. "Guppystar is a great leader, Dad. I've always admired her. She's strong, she's pretty, and she has a strong sense of leadership. Shadowclaw, I'm positive you'll become leader some day. That day just isn't today," the new warrior tried to convince his father.

Shadowclaw sighed heavily. "I-I guess you're right. I'll get there. I'll prove it again, like I have many times before. I'm going to work hard, and never give up. I'll prove that I'm ready for leadership, and I will get there. And you're right. Today just isn't that day." (this post made me sad but really happy at the same time... guys help i just turned shadowclaw into me what have i done) nervousbreakdance 19:15, 09/4/2013

Fallingheart walked to Lightningstorm, "Hey, baby," he said slyly. He felt confident today in something to happen.   Tumblr nbibjqyP7A1r33emjo1 250K y 8975.resizedKnowledge is Limited... 01:27, September 5, 2013 (UTC)

Beautifulface was sorting herbs when she heard a familiar voice within the camp. Fallingheart! she thought, recognizing the masculine voice of her nephew. Quietly on her silver paws, the medicine cat crept behind some bushes, listening to her son. Her blue eyes caught a glance of Fallingheart talking to the she-cat called Lightningstorm and she squealed, ducking quickly so she wouldn't get caught spying. Accidently, Beautifulface jammed a thorn in her paw and she hissed out in pain. Now I have to cure myself! she thought, annoyed with herself. But at least I will have grand nieces and nephews, she concluded with a purr.

Risingspirit sat with a thrush in his mouth, ready to dive into it and fill his stomach. His son was growing up, his daughter as well and he was so happy that he and Wildheart were having more kits. His whiskers twitched involuntarily and he purred, imagining little kits like him growing up in the Clan. He needed to get the news out, but wanted to keep a low profile. The black tom figured that if anycat decided to talk to him, he'd tell them. Silently, he took a bite of his thrush and sat alone.

Magpiekit waited for the two elders replied. It seemed like it was sunrises upon sunrises until they would ever reply to her. Did they not like her? She winced at that thought, then shoved it down. She was a small fish in an ocean right now, she felt as vulnerable as ever and it ate away at her. She needed Birdkit with her. Now and forever. But Birdkit didn't want her back. She needed Lionkit to take her place. The white and black she-cat ran out, looking for her brother.

Opalgaze was still ecstatic when she overheard her parents talking about another litter. She was going to be a big sister! Well, she was one if you counted Topazmist, but that was only by some heartbeats. Now was the real deal! She squealed, unable to conceal her happiness and wanted to find Fallingheart to share the feeling. She padded around camp, looking for her brother. When she saw him, he was with Lightningstorm. Her heart panged with jealousy. Not because her brother was with her, but because Gemcave and her had broken up, and she was alone. |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 17:30, September 5, 2013 (UTC)

Crescentfall watched as her mother nuzzled Azurepaw, Fallowpaw and Pearpaw adoringly as they were made apprentices. Crescentfall even heard her mother whisper that the three apprentices were going to be the best warriors in the Clan, and leader. Crescentfall was angry again. She watched as her mother walked out of camp, and followed her. Once they were out of sight from any cats, Crescentfall pounced on her. "I'M SICK OF YOU AND YOUR FAVORITISM!" In anger, Crescentfall kicked her mother in the chest, hard. And then clawed her throat in fury. She hadn't intended to kill her. "You deserved that punishment, mother!" she hissed. When she was given no response, her heart sank. "Mother.." She didn't snap out of her anger until she could hear nothing but her own heart throbbing wildly. "No." Crescentfall backed away from the body, tears filling her eyes as she stared at her mother. She's dead. I killed her. She's dead. The dreaded word echoed in her mind as Crescentfall became dizzy with all the thought. In both fear and self-disgust, Crescentfall darted back to camp and into the Warriors' Den, her eyes wide with horror of what she had recently done.

Briarshine was hunting when a tree fell on her. She died. oh dear. Happiness is a car from Sainsbury's 17:47, September 5, 2013 (UTC)

Shadowclaw padded out of camp, purring happily. He would become leader, he just knew it. He'd worked hard all his life, and had been deputy quite a few times. He thought of his life as a normal warrior. With a pang, he realised that if he was leader, he'd have all the cats in the Clan to care for and lead. He shook his head. Id being leader really what I want? he thought. A sat down once he neared the river, watching the icy water rush over the rocks. He shook his head again. I'll always be Shadowstar. I'm a leader in my own way. I don't need the nine lives of a Clan leader. I'm not sure it's what I really want. Being a warrior is wonderful, and no matter what position I am in, I'm always going to be a leader. In my eyes, in my mate's eyes, in my kit's eyes, and my friend's eyes. Just as Risingspirit and Beautifulface will always be the greatest there'll ever be, I'll always be a leader.

Nettleface hissed in pain as she felt a contraction. She had estimated that there would only be one kit. It would be a short kitting. After a few more contractions, she pushed. The kit slid onto the moss, and Nettleface leaned over to nip the sack and lick the kit's fur. The kit, a tom, mewled in protest, wiggling to Nettleface's warm belly. Nettleface leaned back and watched her only kit knead his tiny paws against her belly, feeling his tiny teeth on her teat as he suckled. She carefully studied his ginger fur. He was tiny, too. "Antkit," she decided, "Antkit is your name."

Sycamorewhisker padded out of the warrior's den. He looked around camp for someone to talk to. He noticed Opalgaze and padded up to her, his long brown tabby fur smooth against his body. Once he reached her, Sycamorewhisker gently nudged the she-cat's shoulder, purring his greeting. "Hello, Opalgaze," he meowed, wrapping his tail around his paws.

Daringheart looked around for Dawnspirit. He hadn't seen the pretty she-cat as of late. He padded around the camp, sniffing in each of then dens, not finding her. He sighed. He had planned on asking her to be his mate, but since he couldn't find her, he'd just have to wait.

Dreamflight nuzzled Crowfoot. The tom had been deeply upset by his father's demise. She had stayed rather close to him throughout his mourning. "Are you, Crowfoot?" she whispered, licking his ear. Her eyes showed her concern, wide and round. She nudged his shoulder. "I love you, you know," she mewed, putting her tail tip under his chin.

Snowspot looked around for a tom. She had recently been hit hard by the effects of heat, and desperately wanted to find a tom willing to mate with her. nervousbreakdance 19:39, 09/5/2013

Neritetail was thrilled upon becoming a warrior, her name being chanted by the Clan. She let the sounds of her Clanmates enter her ears, and bowed her head before heading off to the fresh-kill pile. She remembered that Stormblaze, her former mentor, had suggested for the tortoiseshell-and-white to celebrate her newly-earned warriorhood. And to add to that, why not rrelax from her duties for a quick moment?

When she arrived, Stormblaze, Sedgeheart and Stoatpelt greeted the she-cat, purring in delight. The three senior warriors - well, Stoatpelt wasn't a senior warrior yet - all took part of Neritetail's training, and the young tortoiseshell excelled in the art of balancing - which helped her swiftly hunt prey and stalk targets in practice. Neritetail noticed that Sedgeheart was acting a bit twitchy since the Gathering, but she assured herself that she would be fine - and not like the horror that Slugface winded up as.

Crowfoot dully looked at Dreamflight, blinking his eyes. He was taking a longer time to cope with his father's death, now already into a mild depression. He twitched his black tail when he heard Dreamflight's question. "Yes," he meowed. "I am Crowfoot, a WinterClan warrior." The black tom then allowed Dreamflight to lick his ear, and to put her tail tip under his chin. As he heard her assurance, he heard the mildly annoyed call of another WinterClan cat.

"Crowfoot, get over it!" hissed Shadestripe, who was currently grooming the fur of another Clanmate. She seemed to be expecting kits of her own, her belly starting to get round and rather plump - and one could imagine what tom ended up with this snappy she-cat. The she-cat, who had also attacked and successfully brought down the deranged SpringClan cat they called Ivyfang, was also showing some rather odd signs.

Crowfoot simply hissed at Shadestripe, and continued to lick Dreamflight's fur. That she'cat ridiculous comment wouldn't let him hurry up his coping process, but rather slow it, discouraging him to move on - at least for the time being. Bbunlegs 00:14, September 6, 2013 (UTC)

Beautifulface quit spying on her nephew and decided to take up a more serious matter. Nettleface. Beautifulface had a hard time believing the whole attacked story, and she had knots in her stomach for someday leaving WinterClan in the paws of a medicine cat who had kits during her training. It was just wrong in her opinion, and the medicine cat was going to let Guppystar know now that Nettleface would be kitting any day now.

Quick on her paws, she rushed over to the leader's den, ready to tell the young leader the news. Beautifulface had to let her know, she felt guilty, like she was betraying StarClan by letting Nettleface continue to train. The silver tabby finally got to Guppystar's den, and in a polite and serious voice mewed, "Guppystar? May I come in?" |Rowan Winston "Does this darkness have a name..? Is it your name?'" 02:11, September 6, 2013 (UTC)

Guppystar had been sitting in the back of her den, watching her paws. Several warriors had been acted oddly lately, and it was beginning to worry the leader. Sighing faintly, the tabby stood up, leaning forward and stretching. Shaking out her pelt, she was finished just in time for Beautifulface to call from outside. Answering yes, she waited as the pretty tabby entered the den.

"What's the matter?" Guppystar meowed, flicking her tail. From the troubled look across Beautifulface's face, it was clear something in the clan had to be amiss- the medicine cta often knew more about the clan than Guppystar herself. —Leggy 02:56, September 6, 2013 (UTC)

Nettleface licked Antkit's head as he suckled. "I'm not a medicine cat. StarClan has something else in mind for me," she whispered.

Dreamflight hissed at Sedgeheart. "Leave him alone!" She turned back to her mate and pushed her nose into his lack fur. "He's always with you, Crowfoot," she meowed, touching her tailtip to his heart. "He's in there. He's watching you from StarClan. Just like Mosquitokit and Flintpelt are watching me." nervousbreakdance 19:34, 09/8/2013

Waspface purred, "perhaps, we'll explored the territory, maybe if you're lucky, I can teach you to hunt," he glanced at Azurepaw and started to head out of camp. He sighed quietly, he still wasn't sure if he liked being deputy, but he shrugged off the feeling. Maybe after Azurepaw became a warrior, perhaps he'll make up his mind and probably step down or stay. (◔⊖◔)つ h e l l o (talk) 21:04, September 8, 2013 (UTC)Ospreypaw

Thunderrumble lurked around, leaving her newborn kits napping in the nursery. She flicked her tail, and let out a loud mrrow. Tyler ffin' Durden 01:46, September 9, 2013 (UTC)

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