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Winterblaze is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current StarClan
Past Loner, WinterClan
Age Approx. 102 Moons (8.6 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Died due to old age
Debut Winterblaze and Fadingshadow's Tears
Last Post WinterClan/Roleplay
Father Redstorm, Darkshadow
Mother Baize
Siblings Flickheart, Fadingshadow, Redfrost, Holly
Mate Icefeather
Kits Frostfall, Dawnspirit, Ravenshadow, Thistlekit(Adoptive)
Mentor Silvermoon
Apprentice Creamlight
Owner Stoemstar

Winterblaze is a white tom with a black stripe going down his spine and blue eyes.


He is very strong, very hefty cat that is a hard cat to beat in battle. He is a very caring, very strong willed cat that would make a great cat. Gentle, sweet, and kind spirited are half of what this cat is. He is great with young cats and will always value them as a future to the Clan. He is very loving, caring deeply for his mate, Icefeather, and it was her that kept him in the clan in the darkest of days for him. He is not mad at any cat besides his evil father, Darkshadow, who he wants revenge on one day for the murder of his sister. He can be somewhat jealous at times, but he is calm and cool about it. He dreams for kits some day, hoping to have offspring to be proud of and love until the day he joins StarClan. He has a very special connection to his sister, Flickheart, who he loved deeply. His other side is a fierce, very well muscled cat that has long, hooked claws for battle. He, deep within, loves battles and loves to prove himself by battling for his Clan. Even though he was a loner, he has the heart of a true Clan cat.


His past is revealed in Winterblaze and Fadingshadow's Tears. He was born to Baize in a old fox den on a cold leaf-fall with his siblings Mouse, Holly, Redkit, and Flickkit.

He is shown to be tackling his brother, now renamed Fadingkit. Then he plays with Flickkit, who is totally spunky and hyper. He is always there for them all, being the gentlest and largest one in the litter. He is shown to wake up with Fadingkit and run with him to see why Baize ran off. When Fadingkit is hit against a tree by a black tom, identified as Darkshadow, he is concerned and is there by his mother, protecting him.

Later, when Flickkit is murdered by his father, he is sad from her death and is seen crying and mourning her. After he falls asleep, he goes into a dream with Fadingkit, and they see Flickkit, they are overjoyed. She tells them that she is now Flickheart, and she lives within StarClan peacefully. She tells them to run, and that they must leave their mother behind. When they wake up, they gather up thier siblings and, before they leave, whisper goodbye their their mother then run away.

When they run, Hollykit and Redkit leave them, saying they must stay with their mother. They run away and Winterkit and Fadingkit continue their journey. They go to a cave and sleep there. That night Winterkit couldn't sleep so he went for a walk and got drawn into the forest. He hears something and hides. He sees a black tom with white stripes and a light brown tabby she-cat with six kits curled around her, revealed to be Bone, Leaf and their kits. A little white she-kit pops her head up and looks at Winterkit, identified as Icekit, her blue eyes wide. Winterkit feels a weird sensation looking at her, almost as if he loved her. She goes back to sleep and the black tom stares at him for a moment, then goes back to the kits. Winterkit runs back to Fadingkit and dreams of the white she-kit.

They run and Fadingkit gets mad and hits him across the face, leaving a scar on his eye. Fadingkit then runs away, and Winterkit falls after him, thinking what he did wrong. Later, Winterkit keeps traveling, and suddenly stops, finding a good resting place. He then meets Taracot and Rainfronds and their kits Pale and Hawk. He tells them his story and asks them to help him. Taracot agrees, and Rainfronds, reluctantly, agrees as well.

They wait a moon to go, and Winterkit explains that they are his foster parents, as said by Taracot, and that he now goes by Winter. They head on their journey, climbing steep hills and inclines. Later, they do find a valley. but in the valley was something they did not want to meet.

Rainfronds finds a mountain lion on the mountain, and tells Winter to take the kits away. He, reluctantly, agrees and takes them to a steep slope. After he safely hides them, he runs back to his foster parents. He is shocked by what he finds. He finds Taracot dead on the field and the lion shaking Rainfronds the same way Flickkit was shook until she died. Fury built up within Winter and he launched himself at the beast. He clawed its eyes and it runs away, blinded.

He runs to Taracot first, who is already dead. He finds Rainfronds almost dead. He tells Winter that it wasn't his fault that he died, and that it was his time. He then says to take the kits with him, because he loves them. Winter agrees slowly and tells Rainfronds he will not die. Rainfronds tells him that he is proud of him, and he dies.

Winter takes Pale with him a few days later, finding Hawk missing and having no time to look for him. They eventually find a patrol of kits, with a black tabby tom in the lead, revealed to be Risingkit, with a brown and black tabby she-kit, a tortoiseshell she-kit, and a ginger tom kit, identified as Iriskit, Wildkit, and Blazekit. He sees Hawk and feels relief within him, knowing that he is safe. He knows they all were coming to visit the pretty tortoiseshell she-kit across the scent mark, who was older then them, revealed to be Brindlekit. Then, one kit catches his eye, a white she-kit with blue eyes. She is the same kit he had saw before, and he knows that he likes her, and feels a strange attraction to her. The kits later leave after lighting strikes Iriskit.

He walks into camp with Pale and he finds Hawk in camp, Hawk calls a greeting and Winter does as well. When Pale goes with Hawkkit to see the camp, Winter goes to find the white she-kit. He finds her and they introduce themselves, and Winter feels like that was the place he was meant to be, with the she-cat he was meant to be with. He is shown later chatting with the other kits. He grows an affection for Icekit and is shown to hang with her a lot and play with her, comforting her whenever she is sad.

Later, when Icekit is sad, and Winterkit admits he has a crush on her and she runs away, he follows, saying she is a great, nice, sweet cat that deserves great things. He is shown later to be grooming her under the moonlight. They later come back.

He always seems to wrap himself around her whenever she goes to the dark forest and he calms her down, because he really cares about her.

Later, when she is with Blazekit and they are snuggling with each other, he is mad. He growls and backs away, dropping a flower he was going to give to her. She later runs away because she likes them both and he catches up with her, telling her that he really cares about her and if she loves Blazekit, then that will be okay because all he wants is for her to be happy. She tells him that he should break her heart, but he is shocked, saying that we wouldn't ever do it. She then rubs up against him, saying that she chooses him because she knows he would never hurt he. He purrs then they both walk back to camp.

Later, he is shown by Icekit's side all the time. He shows a hatred towards Blazekit.

He later earns his apprentice name, Winterpaw, and gets Shadowheart as a mentor. He immediately goes to Icepaw to congratulate.

He and her have a small fight. He sees her talking with Blazepaw, he gets sad and walks away to the lake. They fight about it and she walks away, sadness clouds them both.

When Icepaw's mentor, Golddust dies, Icepaw is sad and shown to be crying and moping around all day. Winterpaw comforts her all the way. He soothes her pain and licks her slowly. They both completely forgot about their fight.

He is always by her, even when she has the terrble Dark Forest dreams. He is shown to have a strong bond with her, he never wants to lose her. He is later shown to be troubled and thinking hard. Icepaw asks him why and he replies that he was going to find his family. He says that maybe they could find her family too, and she strongly agrees, they both decide to go.

He later becomes a warrior and earns his warrior name Winterblaze. He later asks Icefeather to be his mate, and she says yes. He is seen always by her side, bringing her prey, caring for her, being a caring mate.

Later, a tortado breaks lose and he runs, looking for his beloved mate. He finds her on the floor, knocked out. He becomes extremely worried, taking her to see Beautifulface. She fixes her and she awakes, losing her memory, Winterblaze is always at her side, protecting her at the gathering. When she doesn't get her memory back, he starts to almost cry with emotion, saying he never wants to lose his mate.

He later comforts Icefeather, and they talk about their relationship. He later speaks with Blazeheart about them being friends and not enemies, and he tells him he must move on so he doesn't lose his mate or so he isn't depressed all his life. Blazeheart hisses at him and walks away, disagreeing. Winterblaze, offended in a way, walks away angrily, only to find that Icefeather has found a kit, Frozenkit. Winterblaze takes pity on the little kit and then he becomes his adopted son.

He talks to Icefeather about Frozenkit and she is happy that he wants to help him. Winterblaze then acts like a kitten and asks Frozenkit if he wanted to learn a battle move.

He later gets his first apprentice, Creampaw. She is shown to be dancing circles around him, and he is shown to be purring. He then goes out on a patrol with his apprentice and all the new mentors and apprentices, Risingspirit, Firepaw, Icefeather, Iolitepaw, and Risingspirit's mate, Wildheart. Creampaw and the rest of the apprentices race, and when she falls in a bush, he purrs in amusement.

Later, he is in the forest alone, when it is pouring rain and mud is all around the clift which is close. when he sees Darkshadow, his dad. He hisses at him and says he will never join him, and Darkshadow laughs, saying hes gonna kill Winterblaze instead. Darkshadow then leaps onto him scratches his belly open, when Winterblaze grabs his scruff and throws him into a tree. Darkshadow then leaps at him, making them both slide in the mud and off the clift. Winterblaze grabs a branch with his teeth and Darkshadow grabs his back, sinking his claws deep into his back. Icefeather appears, pulling Winterblaze up. Darkshadow runs away, and Winterblaze falls down and almost dies if it weren't for Beautifulface. Risingspirit asks what happened, and a ton of cats gather around him. Glacierpaw is seen being rude about the situation, and Talonclaw scolds her. He is then taken to the medicine cats den, and treated.

He is later seen laying down, better than before but still in critical condition. Beautifulface asks him how he is feeling, and he says hes better. Icefeather comes to check on him, and she tells him to be careful. He tells her that he isn't a helpless elder, and suddenly picks up a strange scent he had smelled on queens before, so he asks Icefeather if she is pregnant.

Later, Icefeather collaspes and he panicks, grabbing her scruff and hauling her to the Medicine den where Beautifulface checks her out. He suddenly gets pulled into a dark vision where a smaller version of Icefeather was fighting with an unknown black tom. He closes his eyes and transports himself to the Dark Forest.

Later, he is seen walking with Beautifulface and Shootingheart, helping them with their mission since the battle was so close. Later, though, he trains with Icefeather and almost gives her the killing bite, which he pulls back in alarm. He is seen thinking of his dad laughing at him, and he shakes his head wildly like he was going mad.

Later, he is seen fighting in the battle. He fights off a Ginger tom, and sends him flying as he fights side my side with his mate.

He is seen much later as his mate gives birth. She gives birth to Frostkit, Ravenkit, and Dawnkit.




Mate -

Icefeather- Living

Son -

Frostfall Deceased; verified StarClan member-

Daughters -

Dawnspirit - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Ravenshadow - Living

Adopted Son -

Frozenheart - Living

Fathers -

Redstorm - Living
Darkshadow - Living

Mother -

Baize - Living

Adoptive father -

Rainfronds - Deseased; residence unknown

Adoptive mother -

Taracot - Deseased; residence Unknown

Adoptive sister -

Paleclaw - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Adoptive brother -

Hawkheart - Deceased; verified Dark Forest member

Sisters -

Holly - Deceased; Unknown Residence
Flickheart - Deseased; verified StarClan member

Brothers -

Redfrost - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Fadingshadow - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Aunts -

Silvermoon - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Silentwind - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Grandfather -

Icestar - Deseased; verified StarClan member

Grandmother -

Skyheart - Deseased; verified StarClan member

Cousins -

Wildheart - Living
Brambleshadow - Deceased; verified Dark Forest Member
Moonleaf - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Cloudclaw - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Dawnpaw - Deseased; suspected StarClan member
Nightpaw - Deseased; suspected StarClan member

Great Grandfather -

Shiningclaw - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great Grandmother -

Reedheart - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great Aunt -

Whitefeather - Deceased; suspected StarClan member

Great Uncle -

Pebbletail - Deceased; suspected StarClan member


  • He used to not believe in StarClan, but he started to believe in it after his sister met him in a dream when he was a kit.
  • He was the one of the featured cats in Winterblaze and Fadingshadow's Tears, and that story is on his and his siblings life before he joined WinterClan.
  • His love for Icefeather is so strong that he would die for her at any moment. He has known her since he was young, and has known her longer then any cat besides her family.
  • His parents were confirmed to be Redstorm, Darkshadow, and Baize.
    • It is very rare and strange that he has 2 fathers, but it is possible, as cats can pass on thier genes to a single she-cat at the same time when the cat is pregnant.
    • He does not know yet that Redstorm is his father, but he does know that Darkshadow is.
  • His life picture only shows him as a white tom, when he really has a black markings. This is because Stormstar could not find one.
  • His real siblings are Fadingshadow, Flickheart, Holly, and Redfrost. Paleclaw and Hawkheart are not his real siblings
    • Though Hawkheart and Paleclaw are adoptive siblings, as Paleclaw and Hawkheart are Rainfronds and Taracot's kits, and they adopted Winterblaze as a young kit.
  • He was once described as a white tom with blue eyes, but Stoem changed it.
  • He is one of Stormstar's favorite cats, even though he is not based off of any cat or any story.
  • A song that describes him is Time of Dying by Three Days Grace.
  • He has WindClan, RiverClan, Rogue, and Kittypet blood, because his grandparent, Icestar, was born a RiverClan cat along with his mother, Reedheart, who is a RiverClan cat, and his father and his grandmother, Shiningclaw and Skyheart, are WindClan cats. His father, Darkshadow, was born a Kittypet in Twoleg place and his parents were rogues.









<p style="text-align: center;">Winterkit's Apprentice Ceremony</p>

Reedstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their first prey gather beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!"
Reedstar: "Winterkit, Hawkkit, Beautifulkit, Risingkit, Iriskit, Wildkit, Cloudkit, Bluekit, Shootingkit, Icekit, Blazekit, Talonkit, Shimmerkit, Sedgekit, Clawkit, Mosskit, Fernkit, and Bramblekit, you have all reached your sixth moon and it is time you become apprentices."
Reedstar: "You will be known as Winterpaw, Hawkpaw, Bramblepaw, Beautifulpaw, Risingpaw, Irispaw, Wildpaw, Cloudpaw, Bluepaw, Shootingpaw, Icepaw, Blazepaw, Talonpaw, Clawpaw, Shimmerpaw, Sedgepaw, Mosspaw, and Fernpaw, respectively, with your mentors being Shadowgeart, Froststripe, Thornwhisker, Shinefrost, Azuregaze, Shallowsplash, Blackshine, Goldenpelt, Snowheart, Belltail, Golddust, Lightningflash, Pumpkinpatch, Wolfheart, Fadeshoadow, Moonsight, Silvermoon, and Bristlemoon, respectively."
WinterClan/Roleplay/Archive 9

<p style="text-align: center;">Winterpaw's Warrior Ceremony</p>

Blackstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here to here my words!"
Narrator: "All cats gather from the clan"
Blackstar: "I, Blackstar, leader of WinterClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your lives?"
Winterpaw and all apprentices: "I do"
Blackstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. From this moment on you shall be known as Risingspirit, Wildheart, Hawkheart, Winterblaze, Talonclaw, Icefeather, Brambleshadow, Fernshade, Irisfrost, Cloudclaw, Bluespirit, Blazeheart, Shootingheart, Clawflash, Shimmershadow, and Coyotefang"
—Winterblaze's Warrior Ceremony WinterClan/Roleplay/Archive 15



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