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Current Dark Forest
Past SummerClan
Age Approx. 28 Moons (2.43 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Died due to wounds from Dark Forest Training
Debut SummerClan XXXI
Last Post Unknown
Father Stormclaw
Mother Brightwhisper
Siblings Half-Siblings: Talonstrike, Twigstep, Cloudsky, Stormfrost, Thunderstorm, Rainingflame, Oakkit
Mate None
Kits Adoptive Kits: Dappleclaw, Owleyes, Ivyfoot, Sweetheart
Mentors Clan: Nightglow

Dark Forest: Guilttrip (Formerly), Berrytail

Apprentice Owleyes
Owner Stoem

Wolfspirit is a scarred black and white tom with sapphire blue eyes. He is son to Stormclaw and Brightwhisper, and half-brother to many other cats and having no real littermates of his own. He is the adoptive father of Owlpaw, Dapplepaw, Ivypaw, and Sweetpaw, after their mother died and their adoptive father disappearing. Wolfspirit was raised without parents most of his life, and no siblings, but the clan practically raised him. When he was an apprentice, he was lured into the Dark Forest, thinking it was StarClan, by Guilttrip. He still currently trains there now, but even more brutally and under a new mentor, Berrytail, especially after Palefeather chose Pridefall as a mate over him. Wolfspirit is generally described as cunning, intelligent, slightly aggressive, and hot-headed at times.



Wolfspirit is a large tom. He is large for the average cat, being the size of the averaged-sized microwave oven, and weighs in at about seven pounds. He has thick, fluffy, jet-black, which is very dark black fur that scruffs up a bit as he matures, and his fur is very smooth and glossy, making it almost water-proof. He has a snowy white chest, paws, underbelly, neck, and face, including his muzzle and forehead.
Wolfspirit ranges in muscle size at about a medium-large. He has broad shoulders, thick but long front legs, and even longer but thinner back legs. He has massive white paws, and very unusually long front claws that are about two inches each, the middle ones being the longest., His back claws are shorter but sturdy and sharp, and are white instead of his black-gray claws in the front. His paws are also webbed, making him a remarkably good swimmer. He has a round, almost plump belly that is hard to the touch. He has a well-arched back, a long body that curves at the top, and a well-rounded rump. He has a long, very fluffy bushy black tail that usually hangs low on the ground. He has a thick neck that is fat-like.
Wolfspirit has a rather large head. He has a well-arched bridge on his muzzle, his muzzle is thick and wide but short, and his jaws are stronger than usual cats. He has long, white whiskers and rounded white cheeks. He has large, rounded ears that are always alert. He has wide, sharp, piercing sapphire blue eyes that are the shade of his father, Stormclaw's, eye color.


He is a muscularly built tom cat with very few health issues. He likes to practice defensive moves, and he is always on his toes when it comes to danger and battle. He gets lots of excessive when he, once a day mostly, takes a short jog around the territory or a swim within a river. He also loves to hunt for his Clan and climb up trees to catch squirrels, although his favorite prey to catch is fish.
He is a rather stable cat within, although he allows cats to manipulate him easily. He isn't a very 'secure' cat when it comes to resisting some cats, like Guilttrip's, pushes to get into training in the Dark Forest, whom Guilttrip calls 'StarClan' around him. He is sometimes considered a 'loner' type of cat who likes to be alone most of the time, besides when Guilttrip wants him, mostly due to the fact he did grow up alone. Although, dis including all that, he is very stable and doesn't show very much emotion to any cat, even if he's really upset.


Wolfspirit is a strong, brave cat that likes to take charge of everything he does. He likes to show off to others, and loves to hear the praises from others on his skills. Combat is something he excels at, and when he fights for his Clan, he feels excited, thrilled, like a new cat. He likes to have someone to talk to, but because he never had any parents to tell about his problems, he's like a loner among the Clan, although he likes Palepaw.
He seems to only take pride in his 'friendship' with Guilttrip. He adores him, and thinks of him as his role model. He is rather gullible, and sometimes feels that following others is easy. Although, he asks many questions about things, including what he has to do, and what he is meant to do. He has a low tolerance for things that annoy him, and he tends to get angry about that stuff faster then he normally does.
He wants to be the best warrior he can be, and he loves to show his Clan that. He likes to be himself, and likes to express his feelings when it comes to what he does. He likes to command others at times, and he likes adventures. He has barely no fear, and loves to do things even if their against the Clan laws. He would do anything for the little friends he has, and he wouldn't miss a chance to impress them.


He is a reasonably good fighter. He has natural skills to defend and attack others, and his signature move is the twist, slide, and kick move where he kicks from under the cat he learned from nursery kits. Since he never had any parents to teach him the basic skills of hunting, his hunting skills and poor compared to the normal apprentice. He loves to swim like his father, and has the glossy, almost water-proof fur for it, and he also has the webbed paws too. He loves to get into the water, and loves to get his fur wet and feel the water against his skin. He likes to climb, but isn't really a natural at it, so it takes all his patience to master his climbing skill.



He's born to Stormclaw and Brightwhisper along with his sister Cereliakit in SummerClan. His dad is dead, and his mom disappeared shortly after his birth, so he really never saw them while his eyes were open.
He is seen tumbling around SummerClan, purring. Cloudsky watches him, and feels pity for the parent less kit. But, Wolfkit doesn't know any better or why he was alone, so keeps on playing.
Later, a fire breaks lose in SummerClan, and after it is extinguished, he sneaks out into the forest to find his parents he thinks 'are on a very long walk'. He keeps running until Cloudsky pulls him out and scolds him, and he is sad to see that Strongstar is dead, but he doesn't understand that he has more then one life.
He is seen later after the fire. He talks to Cloudsky about how Specklethorn won't come back. Wolfkit wails that he shouldn't have left his home, and Cloudsky says that he'll be happier in StarClan. He is confused by the term, StarClan, but doesn't ask about how it looks or anything. He just walks away sadly, tail drooping.
He is seen later playing with the other kits, and many other times after this doing random stuff including attacking Frozenheart with Palekit.
He journies to WinterClan without anyone knowing, and feels the snow under his paws. It feels cold to him, and he scurries away to find a dead tree to climb up. Purring, he declares himself leader of WolfClan, and looks down at non existent cats. When he hears other cats coming, he jumps off and runs off of the territory and into the warm summer sun of his own Clan.
Later, he sees Smoke within the camp and order an attack, jumping on the tom and sinking his claws into the tom's fur. The tom pulls him off and hisses, and some cats escort Wolfkit away for his oncoming Apprentice Ceremony.


He becomes an apprentice, Wolfpaw, with Nightglow as his mentor. She asks him to listen to all her orders and he accepts excitedly.
He is seen looking at Guilttrip, and saying how he's Wolfpaw's rolemodel. Walking up shyly, he praises him, and Guilttrip, smerking, says that he can take him out into the forest. Excited, he runs out and meets up with Guilttrip in the forest, and shows him his only move, his twist, slide, and kick. The tom praises him, and tells him of a place they can train better. He tells him to go to sleep, and Wolfpaw eagerly goes to sleep to wake up somewhere else.
He is seen in the Dark Forest. He wakes up and fearfully looks for Guilttrip when he sees Cloudsky and others he knows. He shys away from everyone, but becomes easily influenced in the Dark Forest, acting more and more not himself as the days go on.


He becomes a Warrior, Wolfspirit. When no one really cares, he backs off and sits his vigil alone from anyone else.
He is seen later when Palefeather takes Pridefall as a mate instead of him. The jealousy inside of him rises, and for awhile he begins to ignore everyone and spend more time in the Dark Forest. When Pridefall dies and Palefeather is pregnant, he at first cares, but then he shrugs it off.
Later, when Palefeather gave birth, he suddenly starts to feel joy for the kits, and worries about if she or the kits are okay. As he approtches, he notices how Cloudsky and Palefeather look off, but he shrugs it off, mewing to Owlkit, Dapplekit, Sweetkit, and Ivykit, Thunderstorm's new kits, since the kits were his half-nices and nephews.


Adoptive Kits:

Owlpaw - Living
Ivypaw - Living
Dapplepaw - Living
Sweetpaw - Living


Stormclaw - Deceased; verified StarClan member


Brightwhisper - Status unknown


Talonstrike - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Twigstep - Status Unknown
Cloudsky - Status Unknown
Thunderstorm - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Rainingflame - Status Unknown


Stormfrost - Status Unknown
Oakkit - Deceased; suspected StarClan member


Rosa - Status Unknown
Cloudlove - Deceased; Unknown Residence
Lilly - Deceased; Residence Unknown
Storm - Living


Dark - Deceased; Residence Unknown


Jackpot - Deceased; Residence Unknown


Shine - Deceased; Residence Unknown


Cedartail - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Bluestone - Status Unknown
Spirit - Living
Fred - Deceased; Residence Unknown
Ripple - Deceased; Residence Unknown


Palefeather - Status Unknown


Twitepaw - Deceased; verified StarClan member




Owlpaw and Wolfspirit are rather close as a father-son relationship. When Owlpaw was young, his mother died from rabies and his father was from a different clan. Even when he had an adoptive father, he disappeared, leaving him and his siblings parent-less. When Wolfspirit would visit Palefeather and her kits, he started to grow attached to the young orphans, and soon, remembering his own family dying and being left without parents, he took them in as his own kits. On a usual basis, he visits them and plays games with them, along with Bramblingstorm. Since then, Owlpaw has felt a strong connection to Wolfspirit, like a father like connection.


Ivypaw and Wolfspirit don't have much of a connection as Owlpaw and him do, but still Ivypaw feels a strong companionship towards Wolfspirit. As a kit, her mother died and her father was from another clan, so she and her siblings were left with their adoptive father, whom disappeared. Soon, as Wolfspirit began to visit the nursery for Palefeather, he took them in due to his feelings about being left parent-less. Ivypaw and Wolfspirit fairly get along, although sometimes they bicker or argue. But overall, they genuinely care for each other and Wolfspirit tends to watch over her most of the litter, because she's the weakest and most withdrawn from her siblings.


Wolfspirit and Dapplepaw's relationship is close, as Owlpaw and Wolfspirit's is. When they were young, she and her siblings were left motherless and fatherless because of them dying and being apart of different clans. They were left with their adoptive father, whom disappeared. After visiting the nursery some, Wolfspirit took them in because of his own parent-less experience. Soon, he and Dapplepaw started to bond, and now she and him feel a daughter-father sort of bond.


Wolfspirit and Sweetpaw don't interact much, although he still feels a strong sense of love towards the small she-kit. When she was young, she and her siblings were left without a mother and father, and when they were left with their adoptive father, he disappeared. Soon, Wolfspirit took them in and started to bond with them all. Wolfspirit feels close to the she-cat, no matter if they don't talk much or not.


Wolfspirit never knew much of his father, because Stormclaw died shortly after Wolfspirit was born. Before Stormclaw died, Stormclaw would constantly visit the nursery and Brightwhisper, and Stormclaw felt like he needed to interact with Wolfspirit more, because he didn't do well on this with his other kits. After he died, Stormclaw constantly looked over on his son from StarClan, and never stopped caring about him or his half-siblings.


The she-cat disappeared shortly after Stormclaw's death, and Wolfspirit never got to know her well, although she did interact with him after his eyes opened. Wolfspirit never understood her disppearance, and took it as she 'went out and got lost'.

Love Interests


As a kit, he started to like her as a friend, and as apprentices, he considered her a close friend, until his feelings for her grew. Although, when she chose Pridefall as a mate instead of him, he got jealous, and immediatly starting to hate her within, although truely he still loved her. When she had her kits, he starts to lighten up again, and even decides to see them when their born.



His best friend since he was a kit. Being that he grew up without parents, he found friendship in the she-cats in the nursery and Palekit, and later on, even starts to like her more and soon it even turns into a love relationship for him.


Likes to consider him a friend; although it isn't the same way around for Guilttrip. He shows Wolfspirit to the Dark Forest one day when Guilttrip notices his like for the black tom. When they get to the Dark Forest, he calls it StarClan and they start training. After this, Wolfspirit starts to think of Guilttrip his good friend that is trying to help him, but he really isn't


He liked to talk to her when she was a nursing queen. Since he had no parents, she took care of him mostly, so he would always tell her his stories or things like that, like most of the clan.


Liked to talk to her in the nursery, Talonstrike adores her half-brother and loves to show him new things. She started to lose connection with him when he got older, but she still likes to hunt with him or just chat since her mate died.


He liked to play with Wolfspirit when he was a kit, since his entertainment level was low. Although, when he died, he didn't understand it much until he got older, being more sad about it over the days.



He hated the tom since they met in the Dark Forest. When he was going to find Guilttrip about becoming a Warrior, he finds the scarred medicine cat instead. Berrytail tells him he's going to teach him a lesson, and then he attacks Wolfspirit, giving him severe wounds. The tom introduces himself, and hopes to meet him again, then he disappears. Later on, he corrupts Wolfspirit into thinking about his past and everything cats did to him. After this, he starts to feel rather angry at the tom rather then fear.


Wolfspirit's hate for the tom starts when Palefeather takes him as a mate instead of Wolfspirit, which makes him angry. Even though the tom never did anything to him, the jealous hate was enough to cause it. When he died, Wolfspirit at first felt sad, but then lost the feeling immediatly afterwards.



When meeting the tom, he was scared of him. But, over the time he trained there, he started to like him, but even to the day he still feels a twinge of fear that the tom may turn and kill him over.


He never knew Dappledfeather well; Although on one meeting in the Dark Forest, the she-cat warns him to not get too attached to anyone, because they all lie. He was rather confused, but she disappeared before he could ask her.


Cricketstar and Wolfspirit were rather close when he was young, as without his father, he was raised by the clan as well as Cricketstar. Cricketstar told Wolfspirit of the death of Specklethorn, and after that, Wolfspirit decided to trust Cricketstar more. Athough, after some time, he loses touch with the golden tabby leader.



  • He has kittypet blood, because his father, Stormclaw, was a kittypet.
  • His family has a line of six toes, because his grandfather, Jackpot, has six toes, but Stormclaw doesn't.
  • He wasn't supposed to have any white, but Stoem wanted him more realistic.
    • This is because when Stoem made him, she didn't know black cats with blue eyes were extremely rare, so she changed it.


Wolfpaw's Warrior Ceremony

Strongstar: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here to hear my words!"
Clan: "Gathers"
Strongstar: "Cats of SummerClan, I apologize for my lack of attentiveness these past few days. As most of you know, Edelweisspetal has recently given birth to my kits, Stiffkit and Stormkit. I apologize once again. Now, I have a very important ceremony to perform! First, Grayfoot, Poppyheart, please come forward!"
Grayfoot and Poppyheart: "steps forwards"
Strongstar: "Grayfoot and Poppyheart, is it your wishes to give up the name of a warrior and join the elders?"
Grayfoot and Poppyheart: "both nod"
Strongstar: "Your Clan honors you and all the service you have given to us. I call upon StarClan to give you many moons of rest!"
Strongstar: "I, Strongstar, leader of SummerClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him as a warrior in your turn. 'Wolfpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?"
Wolfpaw: "I do!"
Strongstar: "Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Wolfpaw, from this moment on you shall be known as Wolfspirit. StarClan honors your enthusiasm and courage, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SummerClan!"
SummerClan 37

Wolfkit's Apprentice Ceremony

Strongstar: "May all cats old enough to hunt gather here to hear my words!"
Cats: "Gather"
Strongstar: "This cat is old enough to become an apprentice. He has been with us six moons, and it is time for him to begin his journey to warriorhood. Wolfkit, until you earn your warrior name, your name will be Wolfpaw, your mentor will be Nightglow"
Wolfkit: "touches noses with Nightglow"
SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 35




Wolfkit: "Are you okay, Cloudsky? You seem really sad! Where is Specklethorn, he usually comes back to play Clans with me, and I'm really bored"
Cloudsky: "He.. He's not here anymore"
Wolfkit: "Where is he? Did he leave? Why would he leave, isn't SummerClan the best Clan ever! How could he leave his home!"
Cloudsky: "He went to StarClan. He'll be very happy there."
—Wolfkit about Specklethorn's death SummerClan/Roleplay/Archive 34









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