Ysoltstar is a part of Project Characters and has been graded silver.

Current StarClan
Past Loner, The Wind Chasers
Age Approx. 170 Moons (14.2 Years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Life absorbed by Swampstar's nova
Debut The Wind Chasers Archive I
Last Post Unknown
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Sibling Unnamed kits
Mate Rainshine
Kits Meteorfall, Syskyblaze, Swampstar
Apprentice Mindwave
Leader Position
Successor Swampstar
Deputy Position
Successor Agateblaze
Owner Whiskers

Ysoltstar is a tall, muscular silver tabby she-cat with crystal-blue eyes.  She is the current leader of The Wind Chasers, and is a very old cat.  She is the mate of Rainshine, a deceased warrior. Her kits are Swampgator, Syskyblaze, and Meteorfall

Ysoltstar is the very Founder of The Wind Chasers, the newest Clan. As a young cat, she was exposed to Radiation, giving her strange powers. She ended up claiming some of her own territory, and eventually found others like her. She met Rainshine as a loner, who was also unnamed, and ended up naming him Rain. He pushed her to bond with these other loners who also had strange powers, and eventually, she did. They banded together, calling themselves The Wind Chasers. Those cats chose Ysolt to lead, so she accepted, getting her Nine Lives and being called Ysoltstar.

Ysoltstar can be described as a strict and serious cat. She's well-known for punishing those who never listen, and isn't one to budge on a decision that she's made. The only rules that Ysoltstar follows are her own. To outsiders, Ysoltstar's cold and can seem quite cruel to them, and she only lets in cats who have powers like herself. If she lets a cat without powers in, they must prove themselves of their loyalty, once they do, she'll start warming up to them. The only reason she's cold and cruel to outsiders is she's extremely loyal to her Clan and the cats she's known for quite some time. Ysoltstar never seems to relax, and isn't one to joke around, so she can become quite stressed. Being a leader and a Founder, Ysoltstar feels that she has the weight of many cats and their lives on her shoulders.



Ysoltstar's pelt isn't too thick, and isn't too thin, it's in between. Her fur is short, and in her youth, clean and shiny, but now that she's old, her fur is often matted and dirty. She's a mackerel silver tabby, her tail tip being white. Her under belly is soft, though it's no longer well-groomed. Her fur has a rough texture, and is now ragged, a few scars from past fights visible on her pelt. Her muzzle is gray and white, due to her old age, and it is slowly covering her whole face. Her back too, is becoming flecked with gray and white.
Ysoltstar's bone structure was once strong, but now, it's delicate and weak due to her old age. She had a muscular build, which is slowly changing to fat, but some of her muscle remains. Ysoltstar's legs are long, making her a towering she-cat, surprising most toms. Her stomach now hangs, plump from kit-fat and from getting fat as an elderly cat. Her shoulder blades poke from her pelt, and so does a bit of her spine. Ysoltstar's nose is a pale-gray, as well as her rough paw-pads. She has a notable, battled- scarred ears from a past fight. Ysoltstar's crystal-blue eyes stand out on her pale pelt, and seem to shine as she makes announcements. Her front right paw is swollen due to arthritis, so this paw is often held up in the air. Ysoltstar's whiskers are an average length, and are a bland black color.
Ysolstar's well-known for walking with her head high and her ears pricked, making the she-cat always looking alert. As she has aged, she's walked with her head low, but keeps her ears pricked. She keeps her tail parallel with the ground, as if hunting, and places each paw carefully on the ground. Ysoltstar's voice is a bit deep for a she-cat's, but this is thought to be due to her size, as it matches her well. She often ends her sentences in a slight growl, just to sound intimidating, but she only does this to cats she doesn't know, or doesn't trust.
Ysolstar's teeth slowly yellowed as she aged, and now that she's old, her teeth are stained yellow. Some of her teeth are rotten or missing, but she has been able to keep most of them. Her gums now have a gray tint to them, showing that they aren't as healthy as they used to be. Her teeth are dull, so chewing objects are both hard and painful to Ysoltstar. Her claws, on the other hand, remain sharp, but are an average length. Ysoltstar is always sure to sharpen them often, just in case of a battle, so she at least has a small chance. In a battle, Ysoltstar often uses her speed, racing at a cat and then swiping them with her claws. Ysoltstar's claws can't be broken or torn very easily either, and they are perfectly hooked, becoming a great weapon in battle. But she's sure to keep them clean, often licking them after a battle or after killing something.


Ysoltstar hasn't always been the healthiest cat, and to this day, she still isn't the healthiest. Being exposed the radiation gave her special abilities, but also lowered her health drastically. She has a high chance of getting cancer, and a very high chance of getting common colds. Her immune system is rapidly deceasing in strength, allowing the she-cat to get all kinds of illnesses. Ysoltstar often has allergies in the Green-Leaf season due to pollen, so she often breaks out in a rash, but this is fairly mild and not serious. Her pelt and eyes can often tell others when she's sick, her pelt will often be very dirty and won't be shiny, while her eyes will be dull.
Physically, Ysoltstar's fairly bad. She's grown weak due to her older age, so her bones are very frail and break easily. She still has a bit of a muscular build like she used to, but due to her older age, quite a bit of Ysoltstar's muscle has gone to fat. Ysoltstar doesn't exercise much, so she's overall considered unfit. She can no longer run far, but still has her speed, since it's unnatural. But when she does run at her top speed, Ysoltstar must stop quickly, since her heart starts beating quickly and she fears having a Heart-Attack.  On her front right paw, Ysoltstar has developed Arthritis, causing her to walk with a limp. Ysoltstar often complains of back-pain, and where this pain is coming from is Unknown, so it isn't thought to be very serious, since it doesn't bother Ysoltstar that often. Ysoltstar's rapidly gaining weight due to her eating habits, and since she rarely exercises now. She is doing her best to keep herself on track with eating and it a limited, small amount, but she isn't exactly following her plan yet. She fears coming down with diabetes, and if she keeps eating the way she currently is, Ysoltstar will certainly come down with the disease.
Ysoltstar's mental health remains fine, with only a few problems. Ysoltstar seems to have a slight case of anger issues, since she always seemed to be on edge. This issue is quite faint, and only appears when triggered by an action, such as a cat arguing with Ysoltstar intensely. Another current issue that Ysoltstar has is some memory problems. She seems to have short-term memory, often forgetting something when told it a few minutes before. This issue is slowly worsening, worrying her Clan and herself, when she remembers that she has the issue. Other than those two issues, Ysoltstar's mental health is thought to be fine, since she is currently showing no other problems. But it is expected that her mental health will decrease as she ages more.


Over-all, Ysoltstar's a strict and stubborn cat.  She follows by her rules, and no others, rarely agreeing with others on topics.  She isn't one to change a decision that she's made, and will never budge on something even if she's wrong. Ysoltstar never admits defeat, and she never backs down from a fight. When someone does something wrong, Ysoltstar is certain to point it out and make if obvious to everyone. If a cat does something that angers her, Ysoltstar will punish that cat until they are sorry, and if they don't get it right the next time, she'll punish them once more, and will do so over and over until they understand. Ysoltstar will fight with others until she gets what she wants done. Ysoltstar never seems to believe others, and always thinks that she is right, not other cats, even if she is truly wrong. No matter how young the cat is, Ysoltstar is never soft, she'll punish whoever needs to be punished, even her own kits.
Ysoltstar always seems to be serious and on task, and never seems to be joking around. When she wants something done, Ysoltstar means it, she doesn't joke. She doesn't like this so-called "relaxing" and never believes it. True, she does enjoy spending time with Rainshine and their kits, but only if it's during a Hunting or Border Patrol. She can be quite demanding and bossy, but she's leader, and just wants her Clan to stay safe. Because she doesn't relax, Ysoltstar and get quite stressed out and depressed, but she still doesn't relax, even if ordered to.
Ysoltstar is often seen as a cold and cruel cat to outsiders, but to her Clanmates, she's a loyal and strong leader. Because of all the things she's gone through, Ysoltstar's very loyal to the ones she loves and trusts. Ysoltstar will defend her Clan with her own life(lives).  When a loner wishes to join, Ysoltstar often hesitates, and only lets them in if they too have powers. If they don't, she'll often turn them down, unless they show great loyalty to her Clan. Ysoltstar will be harsh and cold to those new-comers until they prove themselves of their worth and loyalty, then, she'll start to warm up to them. If a cat threatens her Clan, Ysoltstar will eliminate them and their threat(s), and will search all day and night if she has to. Not a single cat in The Wind Chasers doubts Ysoltstar and her loyalty, not a one.


While she has multiple minor powers, Ysoltstar only has three primary abilities.
The first is to inflict pain on any living creature by looking at them and willing it with her mind. The smaller the creature, the more pain she's able to inflict. This pain will leave no permanent effects however. It's best used to stun or distract another cat. Generally, it shouldn't be used on small prey, as the amount of pain inflicted to stun them would be like torture before they're properly caught.
Her most used power is her speed. She can reach unbelievable speeds, her maximum being the highest in the clan. To go that fast, however, it would use massive amounts of energy, so Ysoltstar usually doesn't go higher than two to three times faster than an average cat. Higher speeds also come with less control over her movements, which makes it hard to navigate through trees. It's best to only reach those speeds in open fields.
Her final primary power is the ability to read minds. This can only be done if the cat whose mind she's reading isn't actively blocking her out. If the cat is aware that their mind is being read, they could easily lock and Ysoltstar out of their mind. In battles it's a great advantage to have clanmates aware that you're reading their mind, and still willing to let you in. This allows for silent communication across the battlefield.
Though she's not fully aware of it, she may also possess the ability to control nova to an extent. This could prove to be extremely dangerous in the future if she doesn't become aware of this power and learn how to use it. Her nova is a fire-based attack, which only few mutated cats are blessed with, as it seems to be passed down by genes. It's a power hard to control, and seems to take life force from cats near Ysoltstar, resulting in fatigue or even death. Once life is taken, it collects into a light-ball above Ysolstar, swiftly rising to high temperatures. Once it's fully charged, it'll trail after the target Ysoltstar has selected until that target is hit. The nova combusts and explodes, and if the target is living, they are guaranteed to die, unless they have water abilities. If so, they are gravely injured. Cats tend to stay away from Ysoltstar, fearing their life will be used once she uses this ability.



Ysoltstar was born to two stray alley cat parents, not far from human houses. She remembers very little of this time. As soon as she was old enough to walk, he was taking away by humans to an old warehouse. They had gathered many cats, young and old, to do illegal experiments on. Most had to do with radiation or chemicals.
It was in this place that she got her name, Ysolt. She was separated from her parents too young to remember her given name, so she kept the name that the humans who were testing on her seemed to call her. Ysolt, along with a few other cats, were exposed to low levels of radiation over the course of a few moons. The experiments were aimed at causing mutations without killing the exposed animal. Most of the test cats were made very weak by these tests, the majority of them dying from radiation poisoning not long after testing began.
Ysolt was one of the few that survived the initial testing, though she was made extremely weak by it. She was kept alive only by the constant care of the humans testing on her. Though for a long time she was too weak to even stand, she eventually began to get stronger, usually sitting or circling in the cages and containers she was kept in.


When she was about 7 moons old, one of the humans slacked off on his job, and made the mistake of not putting the test cats in their proper locked containers before leaving for the night. Because of this error, many cats escaped that night. Ysolt was among them. After escaping her cage and climbing out a cracked window, she ran as fast as she could to get away from the place. Despite still being so weak, Ysolt was able to run surprisingly fast, and soon made her way into a forest not far from the mountains. She never bothered to look back and the cats who might have escaped behind her.
In this forest, she lived alone as a loner for nearly a full year. Despite the help of her instincts, she struggled to learn to hunt and survive on her own. She ended up scavenging from anything that she could most of the time, whether it be already dead and rotting animals, or the remains of prey from other cats. She barely made it through the winter that year.
Over the course of the year, Ysolt discovered some odd abilities, such as being able to run quite fast, being able to read the minds of other living creatures, and being able to cause pain to them with nothing but her mind. These powers puzzled, shocked, and scared Ysolt, and so she tried to avoid using them and pretend they didn't exist for most of the time. But after nearly dying during the winter, she finally gave in and used these scary powers to help her find food. It took many moons, but eventually she started to get the hang of it.


Up to that point, Ysolt had tried to avoid any cats she came across, usually running or hiding from them to keep from causing any trouble. But during the fall of the next year, she began to find more and more cats living in the territory. It became increasingly hard to avoid them all.
A few other loners started to move in on her territory, forcing her out. Because of the other cats in the surrounding areas, Ysolt had nowhere to go and was forced to stand her ground against them. After hovering around each other and occasionally crossing paths for a moon, all of them started to realize that they recognized each other, if only a little bit. The loners surrounding her territory were some of the other cats who had escaped the warehouse that night.
The traumatic memories of the warehouse that she was reminded of whenever she saw these loners forced her to try and stay even farther away. This led to having even less prey, and nearly dying at one point. Too weak to run or defend her territory, Ysolt could do nothing but lie there as another loner from the warehouse moved in on her territory.
The loner that had moved in seemed to be gentle and didn't try to harm Ysolt. He seemed to recognize her as well, and didn't want to cause more trouble for her. After managing to get Ysolt to trust him enough to not fear him anymore, the loner started to bring her prey, both to help her get her strength back up, and to signal that he didn't mind sharing the territory with her.
After a few moons, the two cats become good friends, watching out for each other and sharing prey. Ysolt nicknamed him Rain, since he didn't have a real name, and his broken tabby stripes looked like rain drops. As time went on, Ysolt discovered this name was surprisingly fitting, as he seemed to have gained some type of control over the weather from the radiation. Ysolt mostly tried to avoid showing her powers around him, or talking about them, but eventually the topic and had to discuss it.
They talked about the different abilities that they had discovered they had, and Rain talked about how some of the other loners in the area had odd abilities as well. He urged Ysolt to talk with them and not run away whenever they would approach, but she still couldn't handle the memories that flashed through her mind when she saw them. It took some time, and despite Ysolt's hesitance to have anything to do with the loners, Rain started to become friends with them to avoid any conflict over territory.
Due to their friendship, a large part of a valley near the mountains became shared territory by all of them, even if Ysolt still refused to go near them. Eventually she started to get used to seeing them, so she wouldn't constantly get flashbacks of the warehouse, but she still tried to avoid them. It took Rain nearly forcing her to interact with them for their safety to get her to talk to them face to face. Having been accustomed to their faces by now, it didn't take much after that for Ysolt to start to feel comfortable and safe around them. She started to help providing food and making sure everyone ate, as well as checking the territory with Rain.
Some of the loners that had lived farther up in the mountains for a time had encountered the clans the lived on the other side of the mountain on a few occasions. The encounters were brief, but after living not far from them for moons, they began to get a basic understanding of what a clan was. Living in a clan seemed promising for the loners, but they were rejected because they were seen as strange and unnatural when their powers had been shown.
These loners eventually suggested to the group living in a valley that they form their own type of clan, for the sake of survival. By this time some kittens had already been born, and they had lost multiple loners in the group to death, making them more desperate for a better chance at survival. After the dead loners had been buried by the others, the valley began to get a purple tinge to it. This grew stronger and spread farther as time went on and more of them were buried. It was assumed that the same thing that had given them powers had turned the valley purple, but no cat knew for sure.
While most of the loners, including Ysolt, were skeptical about the clan, they eventually came to realize that it wouldn't be too different than their current living conditions, and it would be safer. They accepted and started to form their own clan, which was eventually named The Wind Chasers, per suggestion of some of the kittens.
By then, Ysolt had already become very comfortable around their group of loners, and had provided for them for quite a while. Because of this, she was suggested by some to be the leader of their new clan. She was extremely hesitant, and didn't have the confidence or experience she thought she would need, but after a lot of prodding and encouragement from Rain and the other loners, she accepted.
It took a long time to fully learn and get used to the ways the clans usually live. The loners who had suggested becoming a clan taught about naming patterns of clans, which Ysolt though was pretty silly, but went along with anyways. They taught about StarClan, and the various ranks of a clan. Many cats kept their old names, and their beliefs, but as their new leader, Ysolt accepted what she was taught. She eventually became Ysoltstar, while Rain became Rainshine. The clan grew as more kits were born and more loners from the warehouse joined. She even got her nine lives from StarClan, which was explained to her to be customary for a leader. Due to the constant tasks of being leader, Ysoltstar and Rainshine drifted apart, and soon forgot about each other and their close feelings.
Ysoltstar is sleeping in her den when Violetsong walks in, waking her and saying that she had a vision. Angrily, Ysoltstar says that if there's going to be a battle, StarClan will tell her, so she drives Violetsong out of her den.
She takes Bramblestrike to the Mooncave to see if Violetsong could really be correct, and tells Bramblestrike that she knows that he wants to see his old mate again. On the way out of camp, she catches a rabbit, and carries it with her so they could eat it later.  On the walk with him to the Mooncave, she realizes how much a mates and kits are so precious, and then realized she's been dying for one. They change their mind and return to camp, and Ysoltstar feels lonely, so she suddenly thinks that she likes Bramblestrike. She admits this, and pads into her den, so he pins her to the ground, saying he too, as feelings for her.
Ysoltstar later on falls in love with Bramblestrike. The two go for a stroll, pressing against each other. Little did Ysoltstar know that another tom, Rainshine, loved her too. She thought about Agateblaze, and how much she loved her mate, She told Bramblestrike they couldn't' be together. Without him responding, Ysoltstar walks away and goes into her den, while Rainshine follows her. She looks up through the whole in her den, watching the stars shine. Rainshine asks if he can talk to her, while Silversight walks in, asking to check on Ysoltstar. Ysoltstar says yes to both of them. Rainshine asks if Ysoltstar likes Bramblestrike, and if they're mates, and Ysoltstar tells him no. Rainshine touches her nose, telling Ysoltstar that he loves her, and asks if she'll accept him. Confused, she pulls away, telling Rainshine that she does like him, but isn't ready for a relationship.
Hurt by her refusal, Rainshine flees, creating a storm because he's upset. Ysoltstar follows him and apologizes, but he's cold to her. Ysoltstar once again says that she does like him and is sorry that she broke his heart, while Silversight continues to study her, ignoring what's going on. Rainshine calls himself an idiot, while Ysoltstar disagrees, telling him that he's a brave warrior. He says no, and trembles, while Ysoltstar tells him that she likes him. Rainshine says that he likes her too, and his eyes glisten, asking her to be his mate. Ysoltstar purrs, telling him that she does love him, but they should wait, so their love for each other could last longer. Rainshine finally agree, and the two twine tails, returning to camp.
Ysoltstar nudges Rainshine's shoulder, asking him what they should do. The warrior suggests hunting, and Ysoltstar agrees, their pelts brushing. Ysoltstar challenges him, saying that she could catch more, but Rainshine tenses, saying that it's dark. Ysoltstar teases him, calling him a "scaredy cat", while Rainshine purrs, saying that he just can't see in the dark. Ysoltstar tells him there's nothing to fear, and pads out of camp while he follows.
Bramblestrike tells Birdwish that his mate is dead, so he does like Ysoltstar, but Ysoltstar tells him to be loyal to his mate. She gives Rainshine a playful shove, asking him if he'd like to swim too. Bramblestrike asks again, if they're still together, and Ysoltstar replies with another no, padding into the darkness with Rainshine.
Rainshine catches a mouse, and hisses at Moonflight, wanting it to be light again. He brushes his pelt against Ysoltstar's, who purrs and nuzzles him. She sees Moonlight, also wanting it to be light again. Rainshine tells Ysoltstar that he hopes for kits, and she agrees, resting her head on his shoulder.
Ysoltstar decides that she thinks she's ready, and tells Rainshine that she thinks they should be mates. They do end up becoming mates, and she breaks the news to Bramblestrike. A tornado appears, and Rainshine stops it, so Ysoltstar thanks her mate for doing so.
Ysoltstar ends up expecting, and tells Rainshine he will be a perfect father. Spottedfern sees Ysoltstar, and asks her how the kits are, and Ysoltstar replies that they're fine.
Spiraleye hypnotizes Skyvine and forces him to be her mate. Ysoltstar steps in, her tail lashing, telling Spiraleye not to hypnotize cats if it's not necessary. Spiraleye doesn't listen, so Ysoltstar threatens to kick her out of her Clan, which Spiraleye responds with "try me". She hypnotizes the whole Clan except for Ysoltstar, and orders them to attack her. Being the swiftest cat, Ysoltstar easily avoids Rainshine's attack, and focuses on Spiraleye's head, beginning to crush it. Spiraleye squeals in pain, and Rainshine leaps at Ysoltstar, shredding her with his claws. Ysoltstar continues to crush Spiraleye's head, saying if she dies, they return to normal, or she could just live and undo the trance. Spiraleye stops, so Ysoltstar stops crushing her head. Rainshine races to his mate, noticing that he attacked her, and begins to apologize, but Ysoltstar interupts him, saying it was all Spiraleye's doing. Dreamflower, who was in love with Skyvine, asks Ysoltstar if she should look for a new mate, but Ysoltstar disagrees, saying that Skyvine's trance should wear off once he realizes that he's in love with her.
Ysoltstar gasps in pain, and finds herself beginning to kit. She ends up having four kits, three sons named Swampkit, Meteorkit, and Syskykit, and a daughter named Shorekit. Ysoltstar bleeds badly at the end, and ends up losing her very first life.
Syskykit squeaks in hunger, electric sparks escaping his mouth, so Ysoltstar tells them it's time to eat. She later goes for a walk by a stream, and takes a drink, then seeing a familiar body floating on it, Rainshine's. Gasping, she jumps into the water and grabs his scruff, heaving him out and calling his name. Rainshine ends up living, and Ysoltstar notices that Spiraleye had attacked him, so she tells Spiraleye that she's exiled. Sprialeye forces Ysoltstar to forgive her, so she can stay in the Clan. Ysoltstar carries her mate to camp, and cats gasp at the sight.
After her mate is healed, Ysoltstar calls a Clan meeting, turning Griffinpaw, Sandpaw, Seapaw, Aurorapaw, and Starlapaw into warriors. She lays in the sun with her mate, sharing tongues with him, when she hears Artemisheart cry that her kits are gone. When the she-cat doesn't reply, Ysoltstar calls another meeting, making Swampkit, Syskykit, Shorekit, Meteorkit,  Timekit, Mindkit, Morphkit, and Analytickit apprentices, mentoring Mindpaw herself.
Swamppaw gets wounded while playing with some nature, so Ysoltstar rushes to him, calling her mate, telling him that their son has received his very first wound. Swamppaw accidentally touches noses with Mindpaw, saying he's sorry for tripping, and Ysoltstar purrs, saying she doesn't think he's very sorry. Mindpaw looks confused, so Ysoltstar explains that they have a little love for each other. Ysoltstar pushes her son closer to her apprentice, saying that they're still crushes, but they can still fall in love. She smirks, flicking her tail and walking away, saying she'll leave them alone together.
Ysoltstar returns from a Gathering where an apprentice named Brackenpaw hangs himself. She's very disturbed his death, and says it'll scar her for life. Cats talk about what happened, and Ysoltstar states that it was Froststar's fault, so there was no reason to go to battle. Bramblestrike notices Mindpaw and Swamppaw, and says something about young love, while Ysolstar rests her tails on his shoulders, reminding him about his kits, more specifically Starlakit, who was close to Griffinkit.
Ysoltstar calls a meeting, making Swamppaw, Syskypaw, Shorepaw, Morphpaw, Mindpaw, Timepaw, Meteorpaw, and Dragonpaw warriors.
Bramblestrike dies, and Ysoltstar pays her respects, stating that she will miss her deputy. She pushes her head into Rainshine's shoulder, mourning. She raises her tail for silence, and tells Snowwhisperer that she has been a good friend, and asks if she will be the deputy. The white she-cat agrees, so she becomes the third deputy. Afterwards, she goes for a walk, getting attacked by a cougar and losing her second life. Shortly after this, she loses another life from infection, startling the Clan. Cats begin to fret over her, and Ysoltstar tells them to stop, reassuring them that she will be fine.
Silverlight dies while kitting early and being old, so Ysoltstar calls a meeting, announcing her death. Snowwhiperer ended up quitting her position, so Ysoltstar looks for a new deputy, and asks Spiritwhisper to be deputy. The she-cat accepts, making Ysoltstar smile, who walks into the nursery to see Gravitykit, Silverlight's son. She states that since there were no Queens, he'd have to do with water. Ysoltstar notices that her stomach hurts, but she ignores it.
The Medicine Cat Apprentice continues to ask Ysoltstar if she's fine, and Ysoltstar tells her yes, and that her last life that she lost cleared up the wounds and infection.
Ysoltstar calls a meeting after talking with Brightfern, demanding that a she-cat nurses Gravitykit, because if he didn't find a Queen, he'd die. Rainshine asks his mate to do it, but Brightfern explains that Ysoltstar's milk has dried up. Heatherfrost ends caring for the young kit.
A bear enters camp, so Ysoltstar exits her den, wondering what's going on. Seeing it, she leaps at it, and attempts to focus on it and cause it pain. The bear swings at her, flinging her into the bushes. She signals her Clan to fight after exiting the bushes. This bear ends up being Birdwish, who transforms into a cat once more, so cats think the bear left. Ysoltstar returns to her den.
Ysoltstar leaves her den once more, warmed by the sun, spotting Robinflight eating prey. She orders him to hunt, noticing that the pile is low. Birdwish notices that the tom returned with a few things of prey, and in order to impress the leader, she summoned loads of prey. Ysoltstar leaves the Medicine Cat where she was checking for sick cats, and is impressed, so she calls a meeting, saying that Birdwish had done them a great favor.
Ysoltstar is laying in her den, letting out a heavy sigh, being an old cat. Sun pours into her den and warms her, making her sigh, and remember how old she was. Ysoltstar tries to make herself think she's young, and tells herself to act strong. As she rises to her paws, her bones crack and pop, reminding her that Spiritwhisper had stepped down from being deputy. She tells herself that she has plenty of time to choose, since it was morning. She trudges out of her den with her tail low, demanding for her son, wanting to talk to him since her mate was dead, and she felt lonely.
Ysoltstar grumbles as no-one responds, so she leaves camp to find him. She thinks that her Clanmates need to show some respect, since she's the founder. As she finds her son, she tells him they need to talk. She tells him that she needs a new deputy, and Swampgator responds that he doesn't have any ideas of who she should pick. Irritated that her son interrupted her, Ysoltstar snaps that she wants him to be deputy, and asks if he agrees. Hesitantly, Swampgator agrees, brightening his mother's mood a bit.
After performing her son's deputy ceremony, she rests her muzzle on his head, promising to help him through his struggles, though she had never been a deputy herself. Ysoltstar quickly pulls away, returning to her normal serious self, and she watches cats circle around Swampgator, cheering his name and congratulating him. She ends the meaning with a simple lash of her tail before limping over to her son and ordering him to order patrols. After he does this, she limps over to the freshkill pile, her spine showing from underneath her pelt. Her son joins her after he sends out a patrol of Alphonse and Edward, resting his tail along her back and trying to comfort her. Ysoltstar mutters and growls, shaking off her son's tail and ordering him not to pity her, but she remains by his side.
Her son leads her to a patch of sunlight with a raven in his jaws, and she lays down and begins to eat her share, while Swampgator admits that he misses his father. Ysoltstar agrees, stating that she misses her other sons as well, while she carelessly plucks the feathers and her son nods, slowly eating his share. Winry approaches the two in a polite manner, asking to speak with Spottedfern to see if she can be trained by her. Ysoltstar nudges her son with her haunches and makes him answer, stating that Spottedfern is long dead.
Brightfern appears, being gone for quite some time, skipping over to the three and shoving Swampgator, pressing closely against him and making him squish his mother. Swampgator squirms while Brightfern speaks to Winry, nervous about being pressed so closely to his growling, grouchy mother. Eventually, the two wonder off after Brightfern accepts Winry as her Medicine Cat Apprentice and Ysoltstar approves.
Awhile later, Ysoltstar is approached by Edward, asking if he can change his name to a warrior name with the prefix "Marigold". He explains his new powers to her, the ability to manipulate fire and walk through objects at will. Lavenderfang becomes interested in the conversation and scoots in to hear better, but moments later, Ysoltstar decides that Edward has waited long enough and makes her way to High ?????.  There, she calls her Clan, only waiting for her son to get into position. Once he's settled, she preforms a renaming ceremony for Edward, changing his name to Marigoldstorm. Once finished, Ysoltstar rests her head on his and then pulls away after he licks her shoulder.
Swampgator later leaves camp, and she decides to follow. They talk for a few moments before he reveals that StarClan has told him about his power that she has well. He explains that it is nova, and after he tells her this, she has a heart-attack out of fear and surprise, losing a life.
She later awakes from losing her life in Brightfern's den, her son eventually checking up with her while she flexes her claws on her swollen paw. After Swampgator leaves her be to order patrols, she remains in the den. Once he leaves on a patrol, she exits, despite Brightfern's commands for her to return. Ysoltstar is noted to feel rather weak and exhausted, as if something's wrong.
Not much later, Sphealspots and Wind arrive with Orchidfrost and ask to join. After being pestered by Wind for a few heartbeats, the leader snaps at him, stating that his mentor will be Marigoldstorm once her son's patrol returned. Once they do return, Ysoltstar makes Wind an apprentice with the name Windpaw, but does not announce Sphealspots as a new warrior, as she may have forgotten.




Rainshine: Deceased; StarClan resident


Syskyblaze: Deceased; StarClan resident
Meteorfall: Status Unknown
Swampgator: Living


Unnamed kittens: Deceased; residence unknown




Unlike her other sons, Ysoltstar has a deep faith in Swampgator, and loves him with all her heart. Also unlike her other kits, Swampgator was rather close with Ysoltstar, and conversed and interacted with her often. Ysoltstar believes her son is strong enough to succeed her as leader, and lead the Clan to safety and happiness.  She was rather disappointed to see him grow up though, no longer under her control and power. At first, she was rather annoyed by his ability to make his own choices, but after awhile, she respected it. Ysoltstar occasionally longs for the times when he was a kit, curled up at her belly and purring softly, but now, he's a strong and noble warrior, in her eyes that is. Ysoltstar respects her son, and sees him as an equal, though she does try to baby him from-time-to-time, but he tends to tell Ysoltstar off.

Meteorfall & Syskyblaze:

Ysoltstar didn't interact much with her other sons throughout her life, and they ended up dying before her, not allowing her to speak with them. She is proud of them for becoming strong and brave warriors, though she doesn't see as much in them as she sees in her son, Swampgator.  Ysoltstar nursed them and cared for them as kits, but once they became apprentices and then warriors, Ysoltstar felt like they no longer cared for her or considered her their mother.  Yet, she loves them like the mother she is, and is waiting to reunite with them after her death.



Without Rainshine, Ysoltstar would've never started The Wind Chasers. Ysoltstar gives him most of the credit for creating the Clan, and honors and respects him for doing so. Rainshine will always have a place in Ysoltstar's heart, no matter how far away he is from her. Rainshine was always loyal to Ysoltstar, so she treats him the same, as a great, best friend. Ysoltstar did forget about Rainshine for awhile, and what he did, but once they started talking again, Ysoltstar remembered him and their great friendship. The memories with him are the memories that Ysoltstar knows she'll never forget. They had quite a strong bond, and were never seen fighting, and Ysoltstar doesn't remember ever fighting with him. Ysoltstar will never forget her best friend who forced her through everything, and will always love him, no matter what he says or does.


At first, Ysoltstar thought he was going to just be a pain-in-the-tail who would just show-off to attract she-cats, but the tom approved her assumption wrong. She's pleased with Bramblestrike's loyalty, and honors him just as much as his mate, maybe even more. She did end up hanging out with him quite a bit around the end of his life, and is happy that she finally got to totally know the tom. She thought she fell for him, but these were false feelings, so Ysoltstar felt a bit awkward around Bramblestrike after they broke off their feelings for each other. Even though he's dead, Ysoltstar considers a friend, though more of an awkward-friend.


Ysoltstar considered her very first deputy a close friend, which was one of the main reasons why she chose Agateblaze as deputy. To this very day, Ysoltstar considers Agateblaze a brave and loyal warrior, and honors her for her service. Ysoltstar does wish that she chatted with her deputy more, so she looks forward to seeing her in StarClan. Ysoltstar never talked to Agateblaze that often, but still felt like she had a bond with her, as if they had known each other for many moons.

Love Interests


If it wasn't for Bramblestrike, Rainshine and Ysoltstar probably would've never gotten back together and remembered each other. Ysoltstar has gone through everything with Rainshine, from creating a Clan, to creating a family. She wishes that she was with him at his death, so she could've comforted him and soothed him, but she couldn't, so she feels very ashamed of herself. Ysoltstar does miss the times they spent together, though she was often too busy to be with him, but those moments with Rainshine are now locked in Ysoltstar's brain as permanent memories. Ysoltstar never expected to end up with Rainshine, but is very glad that she did fall in love with him, and doesn't regret a moment she spent with Rainshine. No-one can ever replace Rainshine.


At first, the two cats thought they were in love with each other, growing close and hanging out. Ysoltstar later noticed that these feelings were not true what-so-ever, she just mistakened Bramblestrike for Rainshine. She was fairly old, so her past memories were a bit foggy. Now, Ysoltstar and Bramblestrike remains as friends and friends only, since their feelings for each other were false. Now that he's gone, the only feelings Ysoltstar has for Bramblestrike are feelings of loyalty and friendship.



Ysoltstar didn't know much about Gravitykit, but felt bad for him when he lost his mother, Silverlight. She doesn't have any feelings for the kit, she just honors him for his strength and personality. She plans to give him a typical mentor, and treat him as an equal even though he's gone through quite a bit of problems through his young life.  Ysoltstar believes that he will become a honorable and strong warrior one day, maybe even succeed her, but she has a few doubts about that.


  • Ysolt is pronounced ee-SOHLT.
  • The only reason why Swampstar was her 'favorite' kit was because she thought he'd be most likely to reproduce, after having a great interest in Mindwave as an apprentice. She had little to no interest in having kits herself, and only reproduced in hopes of passing on her powerful abilities. She did, however, still love her mate.


Brightpaw: "You alright? I'm here to see if the infection is back,"
Ysoltstar: "Yeah, that last life I lost removed all those nasty wounds,"
Brightpaw to Ysoltstar about her wounds and uncomfortable looks. The Wind Chasers/Roleplay/Archive 7


Ysoltstar: "Swampgator."
Swampgator: "Yeah, mom?"
Ysoltstar: "I need to speak with you."
Swampgator: "Erm, speaking..."
Ysoltstar: "I need a new deputy, as you may know,"
Swampgator: "I don't know who to request, mom. Most of our warriors have disappeared. But I do suggest-"
Ysoltstar: "I want you to be deputy, Swampgator."
—Ysoltstar to Swampgator about making him Deputy The Wind Chasers/Roleplay/Archive 10


Life Image



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